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How to Maintain Comms and Community in the Face of Critical Events

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By Jen Jordan.  

Within the ever-changing story of the Covid-19 outbreak, the only constant has been people’s need to communicate. That doesn’t mean checking news websites to get the latest confirmed cases or travel disruptions. It goes much deeper than that. People have struggled to stay connected in the face of quarantine and they are determined to keep working amid self-isolation. What has allowed people to connect and to communicate – to commune – is technology. 

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Image from Kentech instance of Workvivo communication platform

Imagine the relief felt by Jason and his family when Kentech Kazakhstan managed to deliver a shipment of surgical masks to him. He posted images on Kentech’s social intranet and explained how this small gesture would enable his family and his colleagues’ families to get much-needed groceries and even go for a walk.

Stories like Jason’s boosted morale among those connected to him via a simple app. For companies struggling with the impact of coronavirus, this boost keeps staff bonds tight, while ensuring that productivity is kept at reasonable levels.

While science races to find a cure, information technology has been key to preventing further outbreaks and probably saving hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. Mobile devices have kept the world connected. Intranets have kept employees engaged, cheering each other on with words of hope, links to important health advice, the ability to keep working when everything else has ground to a halt.

For all companies, internal communication will never be the same again. It’s one of the repercussions of Covid-19. Firms with robust, social platforms will reap the benefits and mitigate against critical events brought about by disease or weather. Those without may need to rethink how their workforce stays in touch – engaged and informed.

After all, companies are communities. Staying in touch is how they remain strong – no matter what challenge they face.

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