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Job Title

Senior Solutions Consultant

How long have you been working with Workvivo?

 778 days. 

What is your background/What did you study? 

I studied Business Information Systems in UCC – a very popular course for us here in Workvivo! I spent a few years with AIG in Dublin, before moving back to Cork (just like all Cork people) to join CoreHR and then joined Workvivo in 2018.


I go through phases of trying new sports. The craze the last few years is cycling and tennis. Played GAA for 15 + years with Nemo Rangers and also played a bit of soccer up to last year but then back gave up – getting old! I also play a bit of golf when the weather is decent. I also love heading down to west Cork / Kerry for a bit of hiking!

Best place/holiday you would recommend everyone go on?

I went on holiday a few years go to the Amalfi Cost in Italy – it’s amazing. Starting in Naples, spending a day in Pompeii, heading up to the top of Mount Vesuvius (which feels like it’s about to erupt any minute) then down to Sorrento and Positano for a few nights and then a boat out to the Island of Capri – fantastic scenery and Italian food – can’t go wrong!

What brought you to Workvivo? 

I worked with John and Joe in CoreHR so when I heard they were setting up a new company I knew it was going to be something good so I was thrilled to join them when the opportunity came up – when I saw the product for the first time and heard some of the feedback from customers I couldn’t wait to get involved!

What’s your favorite part of the Workvivo platform? 

It has to be the Mobile App as it’s just so easy to pick up and use. It’s also very easy to demo to organizations too which makes my life easy!

How would you describe your job to a bunch of five-year-olds? 

My job in Workvivo is to work with the sales team to showcase the Workvivo platform to organizations. I bring people through the key features & benefits of the platform as well as outlining how it can improve employee engagement & communications in their organization. It’s a lot of fun as the platform is very easy to demonstrate and we always tailor the demo with the company’s branding so it looks great.

What’s your work routine? 

Just like everyone, I’ve been working from home the last few months. I’m normally at my desk soon after 8am getting ready for the first daily stand up call at 8:30. The stand-up calls finish up around 9:30am and after that every day is different. Most days are spent on Zoom calls with organizations giving them an overview of Workvivo. I also work closely with the sales team in Workvivo so I’d have a few check in calls with them during the day. Towards the end of the day I’d typically be on calls with U.S. based companies. We’ve now a team in U.S. so that’s keeping our evenings busy! The days fly by which isn’t a bad thing!  

And your parting piece of advice? 

You’ve to create your own luck – I definitely believe that nothing comes easy and you’ve to work hard to create opportunities that come your way. I’m still going to play to Lotto every week though….