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Dissatisfied with email as a communication tool, the A+E Networks team decided to look for an alternative means of communicating with and engaging their employees. Then they found Workvivo.

A+E Networks is a global media and entertainment brand portfolio that finds, cultivates, illuminates and markets entertainment content to worldwide audiences. A+E Networks® is a collection of culture brands that includes A&E®, HISTORY®, Lifetime®, Lifetime Movies™, FYI,™, VICELAND® and BIOGRAPHY®.

We told our employees we were replacing our old intranet with Workvivo and almost had a standing ovation!
Karl Burnett
VP Human Resources EMEA, A+E Networks

A+E Networks decided to look for a more effective way than their previous communication tool to communicate with and engage their employees. Having seen a demo of the Workvivo communication platform, they felt instinctively that this was the solution to help them grow their internal communications.

Having implemented and rolled out Workvivo, A+E Networks employees feel more connected to not only the people they work with, but to the organisation as a whole. The ability to minimise the gap between the leadership team’s thoughts and their front line staff has been paramount in ensuring everyone feels connected, valued and heard. Most of all, Workvivo enables A+E Networks to help each individual find real meaning in their work.

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