Creating a close community experience for employees in many different locations, many with no access to email, has helped amplify the culture of the Kent business around the globe. Workvivo has been a true game changer for the business.

Kent is a privately owned energy and industrial services provider, with core capabilities that include construction, commissioning and maintenance across a multi-discipline range of services. They are a team of 10,000 people across 17 countries, 44 nationalities, speaking multiple languages.

Culture is not something that happens by accident, it's something that's deliberately shaped by the people who are part of the business. Workvivo has been right at the center for us in how we've shaped our culture.
Mandy Kennedy
Director Internal Communications, Kent

Employee engagement is at the heart of the Kent business. With employees located in so many places around the globe with differing cultures and languages, it was vitally important to Kent to continually create a community experience.

By enabling employees to take part in company communication who don’t have a company email address, many working in remote manufacturing facilities, Kent were able to achieve a level of transparency and communication that many similar businesses could not.

Workvivo has been a true game changer for this business.

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