Morgan McKinley

Looking for a mobile-based app, Morgan McKinley was looking to enable employees to easily communicate, provide recognition and communicate business updates in an interactive way.

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Workvivo is the personality and the pulse of this business. It really puts the people front and centre. It says that people matter. I can’t imagine an organisation that it would not work for. It's been excellent for Morgan McKinley.
Aldagh McDonogh
CEO, Morgan McKinley

For this business, a mobile first solution was a key requirement. The thing that stood out for Morgan McKinley about Workvivo was its mobile-led approach. Staff can quickly check for company updates, post their own updates linked to company goals or take part in a short pulse survey. Managers can give recognition to their teams and peers can give recognition to each other in a way that they wouldn’t have done before. It was also important for Morgan McKinley to communicate business updates such as commercial results and wider goals that the business had achieved.

Workvivo was the ideal way to do this in a structured and understated way that staff could easily engage and interact with. The pulse surveys were particularly successful in creating engagement with high response rates. Staff had a quick way to give feedback and were included in decision making. This allowed Morgan McKinleys’ HR team to get a temperature check on the mood of the team on any given day, gaining short bursts of feedback they could act on.

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