Trigon Hotels

As a chain of busy hotels, Trigon considered employee community across their hotels as a vital component to providing high levels of guest satisfaction. Through Workvivo, employees show pride and competitveness in their work, ultimately leading to positive customer reviews and an enjoyable working environment.

Trigon is a Cork-based hotel chain consisting of three exceptional hotels, The Cork International, The Cork Airport Hotel and The Metropole, offering guests their choice of location in Cork City centre or near Cork Airport. In each of our Trigon Hotels, we offer our guests a best-in-class experience.

We are a people-centric organization and employee engagagement and effective internal communication is a key priority for us. Workvivo is a fundamental part of helping us successfully achieve this.
Aaron Mansworth
Managing Director, Trigon Hotels

With 3 hotels and many different departments, Trigon Hotels had always been looking for ways to improve their communication across the group. Through Workvivo’s mobile app, staff were engaged from the outset and helped bring Trigon’s strong sense of community to another level.

From wellness committees, to employee shoutouts, to pulse surveys, Workvivo’s fast,  efficient and ‘in the moment’ platform helps showcase the genuine pride the staff have for the business. What Trigon love about the Workvivo platform is how it hasn’t replaced the human interaction in the business, but reinforces it to help drive the business strategically forward.

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