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If you suspect your employees are completely zoned out behind their screens, you are completely right.

Our in-depth survey of over 1,000 remote workers analyzes the top drivers for employee disengagement in a remote world and measures the effectiveness of common engagement tactics.

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Key findings from our in-depth survey of 1,000 remote workers

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of employees feel more isolated.

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of Gen Z employees feel overwhelmed.

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of employees feel more burnt out.

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of employees feel employers could do more to build connection.

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of Gen Z and Millenial employees feel less connected to their organization’s goals.

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of Millenial and Baby Boomer employees feel less belonging at work.

Why you need a new
employee engagement strategy

People’s sense of belonging is eroding into apathy

70% of employees feel more burnt out at work.

1 in 2 say they love their job less.

Virtual happy hours are failing to create real-life connection

Despite 25% of employees saying they’ve participated in virtual team bonding, 79% feel more isolated than ever.

Hyperactive communication is drowning out engagement

82% of employees report a greater reliance on email, messaging, and video tools. Yet 70% still feel employers could do more to connect people.

Your employees are feeling unconnected and unseen

More than 1 in 2 employees feel less connected to their organization’s goals. A similar number feel less recognized for their work.

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“We are one year into the biggest workplace experiment in history and the real long-term effects of remote work are starting to show. Companies will start to experience a crisis in employee retention if engagement issues continue to be ignored.”

– John Goulding, Workvivo CEO