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Here’s why Workvivo is the best Staffbase alternative

Difference #1

Clean & Familiar User Interface

Staffbase and other competitor platforms can lack in aesthetics and usability. 

Workvivo’s user interface is designed to be familiar to users as both the mobile and desktop interface is similar to modern social media platforms. If your users have ever used a social media app, they’ll intuitively know how to use the Workvivo employee app.

No training is required – why should it be? You can ensure important information is instantly broadcast to everyone in the business, and that they can respond back, even if they are miles or oceans away.

Difference #2

Turbo Charge Your
Employee Recognition

People thrive off recognition and being congratulated for a job well done. A great employee experience app will make the action of celebrating individual or team achievements a simple one. This is an area where Staffbase lack.

Well-deserved public recognition  are key to maintaining and improving employee engagement. It becomes a powerful motivator for your team.

Establishing a culture of recognition through shout-outs, badges, awards and kudos has never been easier with Workvivo.

Difference #3

Live Streaming Functionality

How we communicate is ever evolving and a necessity in todays world is being able to do it live. 

Another differentiator between Workvivo and Staffbase is that our platform has the sophistication to allow live video streaming capture key messages at the touch of a finger. Whether it be company events or team days out the ability to share live is another feature that makes Workvivo stand out. 

As methods of communication evolve so will we.

“The biggest obstacle for us is to get non-desk users excited about the app and to integrate them”

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Difference #4

Faster Implementation Time

Workvivo have a faster implementation time than Staffbase allowing your company to access the magic of our platform much sooner in comparison. 

Couple this faster time-to-value along with our market leading adoption rate (90%) and engagement rates (96%) and your company’s employee will start to their working experience elevate in no time.  

Workvivo offers more than just the software as a service. Our success is based on your success in the roll out of Workvivo.

Difference #5

Always-on Support

We don’t just offer you a piece of software. From day one, we begin a true partnership focused on helping you to achieve your goals.

With Workvivo, you mean the world to us. We are extremely proud of our incredible Customer Experience team. They ensure an amazing experience and always put you first.

Our business model is dependent on you being successful and attaining world-class levels of engagement in your organization. We collaborate with you to create and execute an internal communications strategy. 

You’ll be a member of the Workvivo family. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews. We are 100% committed to making your success a reality.

Difference #6

Rated #1 Employee App

Workvivo is the only company to have designed an internal communication platform around the drivers of employee engagement. As a result, users love us!

We have been recognised this year for:

These are just some of the experiences you’ll have with our platform. Start your journey for a more meaningful employee experience with us today. 

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