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Tired of Workplace? Say hello to Workvivo

The employee experience app your people actually want to use

#1 Rated Employee App Globally

Here’s why Workvivo is the best Workplace alternative

Difference #1

Workvivo works better with everything

Workplace from Meta does not integrate with a lot of third-party apps and instant messaging tools, such as Slack, Outlook, email. This means many teams may face difficulty in tracking the progress of different ongoing projects.

Workvivo is one app that connects to everything.

The tools your employee love to use, all in one unified digital workplace.

Difference #2

Shape a culture
of recognition

It’s of utmost importance that employees feel safe when communicating at work. Privacy is a key concern, and employees want separation between life and work. When employees feel safe, their engagement levels improve. They want to work at a company they can trust.

Every survey shows that employees trust and love to use Workvivo. Our adoption (90%) and engagement rates (96%) are the highest in the market.

Workvivo are at the forefront of security and privacy developments. We are certified to ISO 27001 and some of the most security conscious companies in the world trust us as their employee experience app.

Difference #3

Workvivo was designed to elevate the employee experience for everyone

Workplace is a small fish in Facebook’s (Meta’s) massive ocean. Many criticise Workplace due to its similarity to Facebook, giving the impression that they’re not taking the tool seriously. It is a seen as a small feature in a large company. This is underlined by its light feature offering.

Workvivo was founded on a strong desire to improve the working experience of every employee on the planet.

Our mission is to build an employee communication platform solely focused on elevating the employee experience for everyone. There’s a reason G2 have named Workvivo the leading employee app globally.

“Workplace is a small feature in a large company.”

Capterra review
Difference #4

Unlimited customization with Workvivo

Facebook does not give you the flexibility to change the overall interface or to run Workplace under your company domain.

Workvivo provides a personalized activity feed for employees to consume and engage with company information of interest to them.

Personalize your social intranet with your own
specific company branding, imagery and content.

Difference #5

Best customer success team in the industry

We don’t just offer you a piece of software. From day one, we begin a true partnership focused on helping you to achieve your goals.

With Workplace by Facebook, you are a small customer in a massive consumer-facing company that is 99% consumer-facing.

With Workvivo, you mean the world to us. We are extremely proud of our incredible Customer Experience team. They ensure an amazing experience and always put you first.

Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews. We are 100% committed to making your success a reality.

Difference #6

Workvivo becomes the digital heart of your organisation

Workplace by Facebook is a social network. Workvivo is so much more. We give you all the positives of an enterprise social network, in addition to a lot more functionality.

Workvivo provides the best open communications experience you can have.

We are so much more than just an enterprise social network.

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