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The Future of Kentech Communications: Anytime, Anywhere, Everyone.

Posted 9 months ago by Ciaran Holland

The start of a great partnership

One of the biggest issues Kentech has always faced as a global business is being able to reach out and communicate to all our people, at all levels, in real time. It’s something we’ve always struggled with, and as a business who’s leadership team truly care about each and every one of it’s employees all over the world, it’s become a major bug bear. Well, not anymore as we have taken a giant leap into the future of our internal communications.

Kentech has partnered with Workvivo and a little over a week ago, launched their employee engagement app. In the words of our COO, John Gilley, “The Workvivo app is, for me, a complete game changer in how the company is wired to communicate. It turns communication upside down and inside out. In Kentech, I like to think that we are somehow different and the Workvivo app will be another K2 success story, differentiating us from all around us”.

Sarah Kent, CEO, commented “For the first time in history, we have the ability to communicate across language, across culture, across geography and connect our Kentech family”. Accessed via desktop or mobile and with a built in translation function, there are now no barriers to us all being able to share our achievements with one another. In little over a week, we have seen employees from all across the globe communicating with and congratulating each other on the some of the amazing work and unique initiatives they are delivering locally in their regions. This platform allows us to all have that two way communication in a safe and secure space and our family spirit is being demonstrated on a daily basis. It is allowing our diverse teams to share best practices and lessons learned and will only go to build on the quality service Kentech delivers to our clients.

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