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A modern intranet based on a social experience that connects, informs and empowers every employee.

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Social Intranet Software that brings your company culture to life:

Traditional intranets are dead. It’s time to move to a social intranet that connects, engages and excites people, providing quick and easy access to content and resources.


One place to access all corporate resources and content, no more email attachments.


A place where employees gather every day, because they contribute to it every day.


An intranet that truly connects and engages people with each other and with the business.

Why do people use Workvivo as a Social Intranet?

A Familiar, Social Experience

If you’ve ever used social media, you’ll intuitively know how to use our intranet. Everything centers on a personal activity feed, where employees can see what’s happening across the business and actively contribute to the dialog.

Access to Corporate Info and Resources

Experience a single site from which corporate applications, content repositories, collaboration spaces, company goals and values, and org charts are only a few clicks away.

Cultural Glue

Your intranet should be the keystone to your culture. Provide your employees with a sense of belonging to something bigger. A social intranet amplifies and nurtures everything that is positive about your culture, people, and values.

Reduced Email and Shadow IT

Dynamic activity feeds keep everyone informed and able to interact any time. Specialized collaboration spaces and integration to corporate resources means no more emailing, no more asking around, and no more shadow IT.

Increase Employee Engagement

Connecting everyone and seamlessly integrating company values and goals results in better employee engagement. This helps talent retention, improvements in performance, recruitment, innovation, health and well-being – and simply a more enjoyable working day for everybody.

Any Time, Anywhere

Allow your intranet to be easily accessible by anyone by any means. No need for an email address or corporate device, you can bring information and a voice to everyone from the back office to the front line.

Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

Whether you have 50 employees or 250,000
Workvivo will transform your digital workplace experience

“We told our employees we were replacing our old intranet with Workvivo and almost had a standing ovation!"
Karl Burnett
VP Human Resources, A+E Networks EMEA

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