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A conversation on the importance of engaged communication for remote workers

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A conversation on the importance of engaged communication for remote workers

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April 2, 2020

Communication should always be a priority, especially between management and their teams, but for remote working, the need is magnified. What tends to happen when people work remotely is that communication becomes a function of a particular need in time, rather than a social interaction. It’s the random face-to-face social interactions that knit together the fabric of company and workplace culture and keeps employees engaged. So although you can help remote employees communicate, the quality and type of that communication becomes more important and apparent with a remote workforce.

In this 40 min informal chat with a senior internal comms expert, you’ll hear about the following:

  • What Engaging Communication Looks Like For Remote Workers in 2020
  • Anecdotes from our speakers on how they ensure remote employees have social as well as transactional communication
  • Learn the top 3 mistakes companies make that leads to disengaged and isolated remote employees that you can avoid
  • Get the insider track on what our customers do to build a feeling of community and connectedness within their organizations

About the Experts

Scott McInnes

Director, Inspiring Change

Peter Rawlinson

CMO, Workvivo

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