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How To Retain Great Staff Through a Better Employee Experience and Increased Engagement

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How To Retain Great Staff Through a Better Employee Experience and Increased Engagement

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May 19th @ 15:00 GMT

On May 19th, we’ll discuss ways to combat the biggest problem facing the hospitality sector today — how to attract and retain great people.

Over the last two years, nearly every company struggling to attract and retain talent – a challenge that now extends well beyond the hospitality sector – has had to take a hard look at its work policies in response to employee demands. Not only is the workforce becoming less centralized, but employers are also allowing staff to adjust their working hours. The hospitality sector and frontline workers, in general, have not been in a position to offer the same level of flexibility as those in the tech sector, leading to shortages across the entire industry.

Simply put, labor shortages are hitting the hospitality sector more than anyone else, and actions like implementing pay increases just aren’t cutting it. People are yearning for more.

What can leaders in hospitality do to deal with the issue of recruiting and retaining great staff?

Join Rob Dumigan, Workvivo’s Director of Solutions, for a walkthrough and real-world examples of how Workvivo is supporting and partnering with organizations globally to drive engagement, improve retention and help people to feel a sense of belonging in their organizations.
In the battle for retention, only the most engaged organizations will survive.

Who This Webinar Is For

This webinar is tailored for leaders in the hospitality sector that are passionate about creating a sense of belonging for their employees, and a culture where they become advocates for attracting a new wave of talent.

All registrants will receive an exclusive copy of our eBook, titled ‘Employee Engagement: The Ultimate Guide for 2022’.

If you’re serious about retaining and recruiting brilliant people, sign up now for this unmissable webinar.

Did You Know

Workvivo is the number one rated employee experience app in the world, as voted by G2 users globally. You can find out more here.

About the Experts

Robert Dumigan

Director of Solutions @ Workvivo

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