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Empower your teams by enabling them to collaborate in a social way. Combining intuitive participation with resources and content at your fingertips, makes for productive, engaged and creative collaboration.

These sound familiar?


The tools we use don’t really allow for the creative aspect of collaboration. We’re missing something.


I want to ensure I have the right people in the right collaboration team, making these teams more visible.


It’s difficult to collaborate effectively when people use different apps and don’t all have visibility into what’s needed to get the job done.

How Can WorkVivo Help?

We use a social, community-based method to provide close collaboration between employees and teams. Centralized access to all organization resources and content ensures collaboration teams have what they need to be successful.

Community Spaces

There are many reasons why people need to collaborate. From business projects to personal interests, our community spaces ensure the right people are in the right team and able to collaborate within their own contained experience.

Unlocking Creativity

Creativity is a largely untapped potential in most collaboration tools. By incorporating a social, community-based experience into the collaboration space, we unlock this potential, increasing team engagement and enjoyment.

Collaboration Across the Org

Collaboration shouldn’t be restricted to specific groups. Provide the ability for everyone to collaborate on broad corporate initiatives such as social responsibility, through a social activity feed where everyone can observe and take part.

Resources Just a Click Away

It’s important that teams have access to the same resources in order to effectively collaborate. Centralized access to organization resources such as apps and content is essential to supercharging your collaboration.

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"Through our shout-out wall, managers can give recognition to other teams, and peers can recognize each other. Since we've launched Workvivo, it has become a critical part of our culture."
Helen Gallagher
Global Head of HR, Morgan McKinley

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