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Email and messaging only go so far in enabling effective internal communication. Social interaction in the hands of every employee ensures reach, readability and response in an engaging and familiar way.

These sound familiar?


There are simply too many ways for employees to communicate, most of which we don’t even know about.


Our employees read less than 30% of internal emails. That medium just isn’t working for us anymore.


Most of our internal communication is transactional. It may convey information, but it does little to help with engagement and culture.

How Can Workvivo Help?

The future of internal communication lies in engaged communication. We provide for information exchange in a way that is interesting, promotes community, and leads to healthy engagement. It’s a win.

Make It Social

A social experience enables organizations to keep their workforce informed by posting information in a familiar and intuitive way. The result of using our internal communication software is high user adoption levels, as users are immediately comfortable with using the platform.

Make It Engaging

Employees can digest and engage with content via personalized activity feeds through liking, commenting and sharing updates with their peers. This gives employees a voice as they can post their own updates and actively contribute to the feed.

Instant Broadcast Communication

Ensure important information is broadcast to everyone and turn leadership transparency up a notch through rich multimedia interactions. From regular personal videos from the C-suite to livestreamed town halls.

Reduce Email Dependency

As employees begin to use a social-centric means of internal communication, email volumes will plummet. Through personalized activity feeds and collaboration spaces, you can ensure the right message is being accessed by the right people at the right time.

It's All or Nothing

Internal communication must be available to everyone in the organization, from back office to frontline, from the CEO to the intern. Email or corporate device is not required, just a mobile device or web browser.

Measure Engaged Communication

Analyze your social-centric communications, together with engagement through activity measurement and pulse surveys and say goodbye to email and messaging overload.

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