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When an important message needs to be heard and you need a response, email simply doesn’t cut it. Ensure everyone gets the message, from office-based personnel to front-line workers.

These sound familiar?


We had no way during Covid to ensure that all our employees got our updates. We had to resort to public announcements on social media.


We email out regular, important company updates, but our open rates are dismal.


There seems to be an invisible barrier between senior leadership and the rest of the business.

How Can Workvivo Help?

Open communication is the key to a successful business and happy employees. Increase transparency between leadership and workforce by moving from email and to social communications.

Instant Communication and Notification

Broadcast to everyone, instantly. Present notifications clearly. Get confirmation that your message has been read. Anywhere. Any time. On any device. No email address required.

A Familiar, Social Experience

Leverage the experience of social media to ensure employee see your message. Everything centers on a personal activity feed, the ‘go-to’ place for all your employees, where they receive, read and respond to your message.

Everyone. Any Time. Anywhere.

Your message should be broadcast directly to everyone. That means no requirement to have an email address or corporate device. Level the playing field and bring information and a voice to everyone from the back office to the front line.

Measure Receipt and Engagement

It’s no longer enough to know people have received your message. You need to know what they think about it. Lower the email response barrier through a more informal social post.

Increase Transparency and Engagement

Employees tire of emails from leadership, but they like to see activity and content from their leaders, especially informal posts that they can easily like, share, and comment on. Increasing two-way transparency benefits employee and employer alike.

Reveal Leadership Personality

Use multimedia formats to post personal leadership content to activity feeds. You’d be surprised by the engagement power of a CEO sharing how their weekend went.

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"Our team members are our first customer and in order for them to provide excellent customer service, they need to be informed. Workvivo increased employee engagement and really strengthened our communication."
Holly Gagnon
President and CEO, Seneca Gaming Corporation

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