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Your communication platform must be globally scalable and totally secure – from performance to language, and integration, to security standards.

These sound familiar?


We have thousands of employees across several geographies and languages. We want every employee to engage with this platform. 


We’re putting commercially sensitive information through this platform, how can we be assured that data won’t be used?


Usability is key to the success of a communication platform. How can we be sure it will always perform on all device types?

How Can Workvivo Help?

We believe that engaged communication must be available to everyone, regardless of device, location and language. Our platform is scalable to hundreds of thousands of users across multiple countries, accomodating language and security requirements.


Our communication platform is ISO27001 and SOC2 certified. We have conducted extensive penetration testing with some of the most demanding companies in the world. We know how important security is in internal communications and we constantly monitor our security posture.


Built on industry-leading and scalable cloud infrastructure from AWS, we can easily scale to hundreds of thousands of users while retaining optimum performance. Our infrastructure also supports dual-site backup and recovery capabilities as standard.


We provide a platform through which resources such as apps, systems, and content can be accessed. So integration with other tools is essential. From HR systems to resource management platforms, content management systems and communication tools, we have an extensible API architecture that supports any integration requirement.


Engagement and cultural amplification can only be effective if everyone gets to take part. Our platform is fully translatable from a UI and content perspective, operating in more than 40 countries.

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"I can't believe how much our employee engagement scores have increased since we implemented Workvivo. It has literally transformed our culture and our competitiveness." We had so many different disparate channels where people could receive updates, information and communicate with each other. There was a lot of fragmentation in what we were doing and we wanted to consolidate it into one channel.
Andrew Proctor
Head of Digital Services, Staffordshire University

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