Workplace from Meta is closing, names Workvivo by Zoom as ONLY preferred migration partner.

Enterprise grade communication solution that achieves high adoption

With a platform adoption rate of 90% among employees, you can say goodbye to disconnected and disengaged employees and hello to a happy, inspired enterprise.


Customer Testimonials

Loved by millions of users around the globe

Workvivo has connected our people to each other with their stories, experiences, challenges, and celebrations. People feel involved and part of something.


Mandy McDermot

Director of Internal Communications – Kent

There is no comparison between the traditional intranet and Workvivo
Anthony O'Callaghan

CIO – Carbery

Workvivo has transformed the way we engage and excite our employees. It has been a vital ingredient in enhancing our employee experience and improving engagement for our business worldwide.
Raquel Bonilla

Senior Communications Manager – TELUS Int.

Frequently asked questions

We are NOT the outdated, static intranet you may be familiar with. However, we do have key components of a modern intranet. Your IT department will appreciate our intuitive landing pages, document storage, people directories, and security infrastructure. Unlike legacy intranets that are disliked and underused, people love using Workvivo. With adoption rates of 80-90%, everyone uses the same tool to communicate, which means less shadow IT and more governance.

Proof: To date, 93% of employees at Nordell have registered on Workvivo, and 83% log on every month.


Workvivo is your ultimate all-in-one solution


Easily integrate with over 40 HR tools including Zoom, BambooHR, Workday, Sage HR, Personio, HiBob, and so much more. 
Plus, we integrate with the world’s leading productivity tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack, so you can keep using the tools you love.

Safe and secure for enterprise 

Security is central to Workvivo and all of its employees. All employees are aware of their role and related responsibilities within the effective operation of our ISMS and agree to comply with very well defined security policies within their employment contracts.

What to expect

For Comms

Reach and Engage Your Entire Organisation Track and optimize campaigns for maximum engagement, with all the tools you need to reach every employee, wherever they are.

For HR

Improve Engagement, Productivity and Retention Build a sense of belonging and see higher retention, more employee referrals, lower absenteeism and greater productivity.

For IT

Fewer Tools and One Clear Centre of Gravity Workvivo is the ultimate all-in-one solution with powerful APIs and seamless integrations with almost any tool on the market.

For Employees

A real-time news feed for internal communication and messaging. Improved company culture with employee recognition and kudos. Helps remote workers feel connected to the organization.