Workplace from Meta is closing, names Workvivo by Zoom as ONLY preferred migration partner.

Reach and engage your entire workforce

Our Employee Experience Platform (EXP) is an all-in-one employee app that combines internal communication, engagement, recognition, intranet and measurement.



Unrivaled adoption

Our familiar consumer-grade design is loved and naturally embraced by all resulting in the fastest time to value.

Mobile First

All features are available across desktop and mobile, so you can instantly reach and engage your entire workforce, wherever they are.

ROI of Engagement

Engaged employees are more productive, have reduced absenteeism, and better retention rates.


The four pillars of employee experience 


A direct line between leaders and employees, with no gatekeepers

Our employee communication tools help organisations reach and inform everyone, wherever they are.

Discover how open, community-led communications can be transformational for inclusion and cultivating a sense of belonging.


Easily manage, schedule, and optimize campaign performance

News and articles

Keep everyone informed with engaging pages and articles

Critical comms

Track penetration of critical communications with read receipts and content analytics

Chat and push notifications

A direct line of communication to your entire workforce


Leave no one behind, translate content to your employee's native language


Broadcast live company updates to your team in real-time


Diversify your communication tactics with on-trend podcasts

Workvivo TV

Instantly broadcast updates to the lobby of your office, canteen, or factory floor


Bring your company culture to life digitally

Workvivo is designed to meaningfully connect and emotionally engage your people. Our platform is proven to generate quick and fast user adoption resulting in employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity that traditional tools simply can't match.

Discover why Workvivo's simple, consumer-grade design and familiar social experience are loved and naturally embraced by employees who use it because they want to, not because they have to.

Community spaces

Drive collaboration and foster inclusion through company-led and employee-led community spaces

Badges and awards

Celebrate individual and team accomplishments with badges and awards

Surveys and polls

Capture the pulse of your organization through employee surveys and quick polls


Align teams on your mission by connecting posts and shout-outs to company values

Say Hi

Cultivate belonging by enabling employees to quickly introduce themselves to their peers


Create and manage team events from the platform to celebrate key moments together

Employee recognition

Promote a culture of peer recognition with shout-outs and kudos

Digital Workplace

All of the resources and tools you need at your fingertips

With Workvivo, you get an all-in-one solution that is customizable, easy to use, and loved by employees and admins alike. Ditch legacy intranets and go with a modern Employee Experience Platform (EXP) for better performance, and seamless integration with almost any productivity, engagement, and HR tool on the market.

Discover how Workvivo’s all-in-one app can become the beating heart of your digital workplace.

Document storage

A single source of truth for employees store all of your documents in an accessible location

Knowledge base and Wikis

Ensure important company and product information is easily accessible to all employees

Governance analytics

Easily manage and monitor user roles and permissions

Landing pages

Custom landing pages to communicate important information that never gets lost

HR and productivity integrations

Seamless integration with almost any productivity and HR tool on the market

People directory and org chart

Get a deeper understanding of your colleagues and company structure


Accessibility features ensure equal and fair access to the platform for all users

Analytics & Insights

Feel the pulse of your organization

Workvivo takes complicated data and transforms it into actionable insights for you and your team. With our vast array of communication and engagement listening tools, you can expect much faster feedback loops and a more effective Employee Experience Platform. This makes it easier to manage performance and make informed data-driven decisions at your organization.

Discover how you can get the oversight and insight you need to build a truly engaged and connected workforce.

Employee engagement analytics

Increase employee engagement by understanding what your employees are interacting with most often

Content analytics

The insights you need to optimize and streamline your communications strategy

Competition analytics

Identify the individuals and teams that are contributing most on the platform

Governance analytics

Get a bird's eye view of controls and monitor user roles and permissions from one central location

Advanced reporting and analytics

Get advanced reports and deeper insights to supercharge employee engagement and prove ROI

Activation analytics

Easily meet your go-live goals with insights on your employee onboarding activity


Workvivo is your ultimate all-in-one solution


Easily integrate with over 40 HR tools including Zoom, BambooHR, Workday, Sage HR, Personio, HiBob, and so much more. Plus, we integrate with the world’s leading productivity tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack, so you can keep using the tools you love.

Loved by millions of users around the globe

“Connect. Communicate. Celebrate”

Workvivo has been an excellent tool in helping our organisation innovate the way we communicate, celebrate success and connect staff in our 50 global offices.

Lydia R.
Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Manager

What do you like best about Workvivo?

The analytics and reporting features in Workvivo are invaluable for managers and HR professionals. The platform provides insightful data and analytics on employee engagement, sentiment, and usage patterns. This information helps us identify areas of improvement, measure the success of internal initiatives, and make data-driven decisions to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Dinesh S.
Amazon Employee

“Workvivo revolutionised the way we communicate with our Employees”

It’s your modern intranet, comms, engagement, and employee app all blended into a simple social experience that people naturally embrace, therefore offering companies the compliance and oversight they need while giving employees the freedom, inclusion, and flexibility they desire, elevating the employee experience for everyone

Matthew C.
Internal Communications Business Partner

“We love using Workvivo”

Workvivo has been great as a peer-to-peer recognition tool and allowed us to celebrate everyone’s successes every day. The platform is so easy to use, and well designed and the app is great as many staff can check the app on their commute to find out what’s going on. Super tool for internal comms and staff love using it.

Jamie H.
Marketing Director

"Workvivo has enabled us to see a boost in employee interaction and positivity!"

The fact that the “app launcher” is integrated with most of our other applications makes it even easier to do things like book some time off, update a document or sheet etc or even check on how your performance is progressing. 

Lorraine M.
Spearline’s Chief People & Culture Officer

“Transformed our Internal Communications!”

For RCSI Bahrain, it has provided the University with the opportunity to celebrate successes, communicate effectively and drive forward our employee engagement strategy 

Gary B.
Head of Human Resources

Certified and secure

At Workvivo, we understand how important security is for enterprises of every scale and scope. That's why we prioritize the security of your data at every step of the way, collecting, processing, and storing it securely and in accordance with all legal, industry, and regulatory requirements.

We are proud to maintain compliance with multiple globally recognized "Industry Standards" in Security certifications, including ISO 27001 and SOC 2.