Workplace from Meta is closing, names Workvivo by Zoom as ONLY preferred migration partner.

Elevate your company culture with an employee engagement app

Workvivo connects your entire workforce, unlocking higher employee engagement. improved retention and greater productivity.

In the battle for retention, only the most engaged organizations will survive

  • Recognize a job well done through public shout-outs
  • Celebrate individual and team achievements with your organization
  • Bring your values to life by nominating peers for awards

Culture is not something that happens by accident, it’s something that’s deliberately shaped by the people who are part of the business. Workvivo has been right at the center for us in how we’ve shaped our culture.

Mandy McDermott

Director of Internal Communications at Kent

Engagement features our customers love

Improve your employee engagement with Workvivo.

Badges and awards

Celebrate individual and team accomplishments with badges and awards

Community spaces

Drive collaboration and cultivate belonging through community spaces

Surveys and polls

Capture the pulse of your organization through employee surveys and quick polls

Shout-outs and kudos

Promote a culture of peer recognition with shout-outs and kudos


Create and manage team events from the platform to celebrate key moments together


Align teams on your mission by connecting posts to organizational values

Activity feed

A familiar social experience that’s naturally boosts engagement in a thoughtful way

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