Help your healthcare employees feel like heroes again

In the last five years, the average hospital turned over 100.5% of its workforce. Healthcare organizations are facing massive attrition rates because employees don't feel valued or engaged. Let's turn things around for one of the most purpose-driven workforces on the planet!

Loved by Healthcare Professionals

“Workvivo allows us to share wins, personal stories, event photos, competitions, guest speaker talks and a lot of work in line with our company values.”

Tom Freyne – CEO
Optical products manufacturer in Dublin

“Since we adopted Workvivo, we have a 100% activation rate and an 84% engagement rate. Our team members have been learning more about each other and in a recent pulse survey, 92% either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, I enjoy the community engagement on Workvivo.”

Vivian Kelly
Greater Good Health
An organization with employees across the US

“After just two months our Workvivo platform has already had a huge impact on our culture, empowering our colleagues to have a voice, the opportunity to meet and learn about new people, create and explore new spaces and share more good news - and praise –  than ever before!”

Charlotte Saliwonczyk
London Ambulance Service
The only NHS provider trust to serve the whole of London

Your healthcare employees really need a transformed employee experience.

Here's why.

Feeling under-appreciated

Healthcare heroes that were celebrated during the pandemic have been forgotten. Without a sense of value and human connection, employees are disengaged, quiet quitting and leaving for better alternatives.

Frontline communication gap

Healthcare employees need easy access to both critical messaging and relational comms. A disconnected workforce faces low morale and motivation.


55% of healthcare workers are burned out, adding to attrition and posing a risk to quality patient care. When healthcare workers are engaged, patient safety incidents can drop by up to 58%.

How can Workvivo help?

Help your healthcare employees fall in love with their jobs again by giving them a sense of purpose.
  • Recognize them with shoutouts
  • Spotlight professional and personal achievements
  • Establish a culture of recognition with your Workvivo feed and Spaces

Just 18% of healthcare employees feel recognized at work. (Gallup)

Connect and engage your entire organization in one place

More ways Workvivo can revive your Employee Experience


One central place to recognize and reward strenuous and underappreciated work

Community Spaces

Drive collaboration and cultivate belonging in shared interest groups


Access enterprise apps spanning HR, EHR, RCM, ServiceDesk, Payroll, Shifts & more

Org Chart and Employee Directory

Better understand your company structure and colleagues

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Zoom for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals need secure meetings and strong connections with patients – especially in an increasingly digital world.

Zoom for Healthcare is a secure web-based platform (video, audio, chat) specifically approved for healthcare providers to provide clinical treatment.

  • What can you expect from Zoom for Healthcare?
  • Integrations with electronic health record (EHR) platforms
  • Integrations with apps for online scheduling, patient intake, appointment reminders
  • Manage telehealth workflows, including tele-triage, group therapy, patient check-in, virtual clinics, inpatient/outpatient workflows, and more