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Workvivo for Healthcare

Igniting Purpose-Driven Care through Community and Connection

A reimagined employee app uniting practitioners, tools, policies and resources under one digital roof

Workvivo is the digital heart of healthcare organizations

Reach everyone, everywhere

Simple, friendly interface for practitioners, administrators, and frontline care staff.

Centralize in a digital hub

Integrate tools, people, resources, and communications in one easy to use app.

Reduce noise, improve morale

Broadcast urgent information with the right people at the right time.

Empower staff, reignite purpose

Share impactful stories, recognize achievements, and foster a culture of purpose-driven work.

Workvivo is the glue that brings Bupa together

Iñaki Ereño

Group CEO – Bupa


Reach everyone

Reduce noise and drive frontline engagement.
  • Critical communications – Instantly reach your workforce, including frontline staff, with Chat and Push notifications.

  • Share medical industry news – Using external sources, ensure all providers stay informed and up to date with new medical information and best practices.

  • Live streaming – Broadcast to staff with live streaming, dynamic content, and asynchronous engagement tools.

  • Break down language barriers – Leave nobody behind: translate content into your employees' native language.


Centralize in a digital hub

Unify people, tools, and resources under one mobile-friendly, digital roof.
  • Share medical knowledge and tools – Create repositories for clinical guidelines, protocols, and elderly care practices.

  • Find who you need, instantly – Quick access to staff directory and medical expertise, leading to faster decision-making in critical situations.

  • Access documents on mobile safely – Ensure practitioners have access to the documents, policies, and resources they need securely on their mobile phones.

  • Empower frontline staff – Consumer-grade mobile app built for care workers who are on their feet and time-poor.

Loved by Healthcare Professionals



Reduce noise, improve morale

Get the right information to the right folks at the right time
  • Personalize for every practitioner – With custom feeds and targeted updates, every practitioner gets exactly what they need to stay informed and engaged in delivering exceptional patient care

  • Secure information access – Manage audience access to specific information based on practitioner, location, or any other criteria, ensuring data privacy and HIPAA regulatory compliance

  • Improve patient experiences – Through community-led learning, highlight patient care best practices and facilitate knowledge sharing among medical staff


Empower staff, reignite purpose

Share stories, recognize achievements, and foster a culture of appreciation.
  • Celebrate success – Share life-saving stories, recognize achievements, and foster a culture of appreciation

  • Promote shared interests – Cultivate inclusion in shared interest groups and encourage a sense of belonging

  • Encourage wellbeing – Share wellness challenges and employee programs, celebrate healthcare awareness days (like National Nurse Day)

  • Recruit volunteers – Coordinate community outreach efforts and recognize their contributions through dedicated spaces or communication channels

Connect and engage your entire organization in one place


Unify tools, automate workflows

Optimize digital operations with integrations
  • Access all your apps in one mobile launcher – Integrations span HR, EHR, RCM, ServiceDesk, Payroll, Shift management, and more

  • Connect existing documents – Integrate with existing document-management systems for easy mobile access to critical information

  • Streamlined administration – Simplify admin tasks with integrated systems, freeing up more time for patient care

  • Real-time data sync – Keep healthcare teams aligned with instant updates from integrated systems


Elevate efficiency with advanced analytics

  • Uncover engagement drivers – Dive into the culture, morale, and engagement dynamics in different departments and shift from surface-level metrics to actionable insights

  • Measure impact – Track the engagement and response to critical updates, health advisories, and organizational changes, ensuring your efforts in internal communication translate

  • Staff pulse check – Use surveys and polls to get an instant pulse check on fatigue and morale

  • Increase efficiency – Engaged employees are motivated, reducing downtime and elevating care quality

Workvivo has had a huge impact on culture

Charlotte Saliwonczyk

Content and Channels Manager – London Ambulance Service, NHS Trust

Frequently asked questions

Workvivo is an employee experience platform (EXP) that simplifies internal communication and drives employee engagement. Built for distributed and diverse teams with frontline workers, our purpose is to engage and emotionally connect people by giving everyone a voice. We bring company culture to life digitally, helping everyone on your team feel included, appreciated, and engaged, no matter where they work.

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