Workvivo’s ‘Employee Survey’ capability provides a powerful way for organizations and leadership teams to gauge employee opinion, feedback, and sentiment in real-time.

Historically, organizations have deployed company-wide surveys once a year or maybe quarterly, with most of the survey questions pivoting around company strategy, leadership, and role. These surveys are clunky, time-consuming and burdensome for employees to complete. They are also a heavy-lift when it comes to data analysis and presentation.

Resources to create the culture you’ve always dreamed of

Employee Surveys need to be agile to adapt to current situations, that they should be distributed frequently and focus on the ‘whole person’, not just the role they occupy within the business.

Our ‘Employee Surveys’ are presented via an interactive activity feed within the Workvivo platform and are multi-dimensional, often asking questions about the ‘personal side of the person’.

Having the survey woven into the fabric of your organization’s central communication platform boosts response rate and makes the task of responding easier for the employee.

Analyze behaviors such as active users, logins, posts, likes, shout-outs and comments to see trends over time, by location, department, or time of day. Create Employee Surveys to get frequent and relevant employee feedback.

Workvivo surveys can be totally customized, and you can augment your questions from a comprehensive library of recommended survey questions from our customer community, that we know are insightful, impactful and garner responses.

Getting Surveys right sends a strong message to your workforce that you care, that you recognize the ‘whole person’ view, that things can change quickly, and most importantly, that you act on those responses.

Focused survey feedback can also provide a powerful means for employees to contribute to the bigger company picture, unlocking creative potential that may not have a vehicle to show itself otherwise. This all contributes to a more positive and productive culture, where employees, and their opinions, are valued.