Workplace from Meta is closing, names Workvivo by Zoom as ONLY preferred migration partner.
Energy, Environment & Construction

Lay the foundation for an exceptional employee experience

For companies in the energy, environment and construction industry, physical safety and compliance with regulations are critically important. But this means that employee engagement and internal communication are often overlooked. These issues become especially tricky when they contribute to talent shortages. Let's see how Workvivo can rebuild your employee experience!

Loved by users globally

"Workvivo has connected our people to each other with their stories, experiences, challenges, and celebrations. People feel involved and part of something"

Mandy McDermott – Kent
Director of Internal Comms

"With BNRG growing rapidly and teams based in Ireland, United States and Australia we wanted to ensure we bring our people together in a meaningful way. As promised, Workvivo (a Zoom company) is not only an intranet, it is much more than that. It allows us to collaborate, communicate, share resources, and give recognition to colleagues."


"Workvivo allows us to celebrate, share, and learn in a way that would be physically impractical otherwise."

Terrence Kerner – Atlantic Constructors (ACI)

Your energy, environment and construction workers really need a transformed employee experience.

Here's why.

Professional development

Whether growth opportunities are there or not, they're not visible to deskless workers. 70% feel like they can't discuss a pay rise with their manager.

Internal communication

There are 2.7 billion employees in the world who don't work at a desk, and those in energy, environment and construction comprise a significant portion of them. Communicating with deskless employees is hard. For example, 62% believe they can’t speak to their managers about scheduling issues that impact their personal lives.

Low morale and engagement

Construction workers are among those with the lowest engagement rates, averaging at just 12%.

How can Workvivo help?

Help your energy, environment and construction employees feel purpose and pride in their work.
  • Recognize them with shoutouts
  • Spotlight professional and personal achievements
  • Establish a culture of recognition with your Workvivo feed and Spaces

Frontline employees who feel recognized at work are four times more likely to be engaged. (Deloitte)

Connect and engage your entire organization in one place

More ways Workvivo can help you build your Employee Experience offering


One central place to recognize and reward isolating and underappreciated work

Community Spaces

Drive collaboration and cultivate belonging in shared interest groups


Access enterprise apps spanning HR, payroll, shift rosters & more

Org Chart and Employee Directory

Better understand your company structure and colleagues

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