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Feature Spotlight – Employee Recognition

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You don’t need to read one of the many scholarly articles on employee recognition to understand the positive impact a simple act, like a pat on the back, can have, writes Workvivo’s Colum Nugent.

What is less widely understood however is the importance of how the recognition is delivered. Recognition that is not delivered in the right way, is a wasted opportunity to elevate engagement.

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employee recognition

It sounds so simple and obvious, but when we look at the detail of the recognition programs many organizations have in place, they are not spontaneous – often requiring layers of unnecessary approval.

They also don’t support the linking of recognition to organizational purpose and goals, and very often there are no notifications sent when recognition is given and received, so that the recipient’s peers have no awareness of the achievement.

Workvivo’s employee communication and engagement platform provides several powerful ways to give and show public recognition.


Through our dynamic activity feed, posted content can be associated with public ‘shout-outs’, given to a person or team, and those shout-outs linked to company goals or values.

Shout-outs can also be commented on by other employees, reinforcing the recognition and strengthening team bonds.

employee kudos

Our Awards system

Our Awards system enables people to be nominated to receive an award either from management or peers by direct awarding or through a vote.

These awards also bring the organizational values to life as voters can submit how they feel the nominated colleague or team has demonstrated these in everyday life.

employee recognition

Award a Badge

Our badge feature enables organizations to recognise the accomplishments of their employees by awarding prestigious badges that sit proudly on the profile of each employee.

Badges can be categorised to acknowledge the completion of a certification or training, participation in corporate social responsibility work, attendance of a company event, tenure milestones and everything in between.

They bring your profile to life and are a great way of amplifying your appreciation for a job well done.

Simple features with powerful impact

It’s never been more important to recognize the value of the workforce, and to do so in a public forum.

Email and messaging were not designed for this – Workvivo is.

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