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Our team of expert communicators and strategizers can help you define and achieve your employee engagement goals

Our Mission

Making our customers a “best place to work” by helping them take their internal comms and employee experience to the next level through strategy, content and culture.

Boost program customers

Our Boost Team



Our all-star team is comprised of industry experts, who have accrued decades of experience working in HR, Employee Engagement, Internal Comms, L&D, Change Management, Graphic Design, Project Management and Social Media.
We are passionate, creative, dedicated and extra fun to work with!


Service Overview

Strategy. Content. Culture.
Immersive workshops

In-person or virtual workshops hosted by Workvivo experts can accelerate the creation of your internal communications strategy and add a great deal of depth to how you inform, connect and engage your organization.

Define business objectives

Understanding the true measurement of success through interactive sessions to map objectives to purpose, belonging, commitment, retention and well-being.

Unified strategy

Bring clarity and cohesion to your internal communications activities by creating a solid foundation with a structured, relevant and strategic plan. Learn to deliver the right message, in the right way to the right audience.

Empower influencers

Changing the paradigm on who owns communications today in your organization. Empowering key stakeholders to share share critical comms, build trust and inspire others through dedicated coaching.

Everyone is going digital-first and most companies are struggling with this change.

Organizations are missing data and benchmarks, and hold poor knowledge and legacy technology, that is preventing them from connecting, and engaging with, their employees in a meaningful way.

Modern employees demand inclusivity, involvement, and most of all, want to feel that they are being listened to, regardless of where they work from.


With boost program partnership comes:

  • Accelerated time to value
  • Significantly reduced ramp period
  • Creativity, innovation and experience from the world’s largest and most successful companies
  • Wall to wall buy-in
  • More relevant and useful content
  • More authentic & direct engagement from leaders

Loved by millions of users around the globe

Nearly two million people rely on Workvivo daily for company news, event information, document handling and insights.

“We have been availing of the Boost Program for about a year now and we would never look back!”

The team are absolutely fantastic when it comes to supporting us with our strategic goals.

"An extremely energetic and knowledgeable team who delivered far beyond what we expected would be possible from a consulting perspective"
"The support from the Boost team was fundamental to the success of our launch"

The energy, enthusiasm and can-do attitude was in evidence from the get-go. The Workvivo team was as committed to the success as our internal team and we came to rely on them as a critical part of our team.

“Super experience with the Boost Program. Couldn't rate them highly enough.”
"The Boost Team is absolutely fantastic to work with"

They collaborated closely with our team to ensure we received the exact outcome we required. Executive feedback so far has been great and we’ve already signed up for additional services with Boost for next year.