Workplace from Meta is closing, names Workvivo by Zoom as ONLY preferred migration partner.

Gamechanger for Human Connection: Workvivo Launches in the Zoom Client

Andrea Graham

Director of Product & Engineering at Workvivo

20 Nov 2023

It’s a huge day for our team as Workvivo officially launches in the Zoom desktop client. I’m really excited to take you through some of the ways we’ll be furthering our mission, alongside Zoom, to make our product the digital heart of your organization.

Where to start? With Workvivo seamlessly integrated into Zoom’s client, we’re changing the game for employees and leaders working anywhere.

But what does this actually mean? It means that when you open your Zoom window, you can call colleagues, check your emails, view your calendar, and more, but also switch to the Workvivo tab to see the latest company update or a coworker’s shoutout of your work – all in the same application.

It means every employee – from leaders to interns, from office to remote, and from desk-based to frontline – uses one platform for all types of workplace communication, productivity, collaboration, and engagement.

It means a seamless, consumer-inspired user experience whether you’re jumping on a meeting, talking to a colleague on Zoom chat, or collaborating on a whiteboard remotely.

Not only that, it’s a big deal for human connection. With Workvivo, it’s going to be easier than ever to stay connected and engaged. You’ll share inspiring stories, deliver critical messages, get feedback from your teams, and simply stay in the loop with company updates. Giving and receiving shoutouts will be a breeze, celebrating together will be the norm, and living your company’s culture and values digitally will be more inclusive.

Yep, all in one place.

It means a complete employee experience platform where collaboration and productivity thrive and company culture comes to life.

Why Workvivo & Zoom? 

Before I jump into the ‘what’, let’s look at the ‘why’.

As an employee communication and engagement platform, our mission at Workvivo is to improve the experience for every employee on the planet. Workvivo replaces your legacy and disparate internal comms and employee engagement tech stack, delivering instead a single platform for communication, recognition, community, collaboration, productivity, intranet, and even employee analytics and insights.

With Zoom’s powerhouse technology expanding to cover more and more ground, from video calls and chat to whiteboards and AI, as well as our shared mission, we knew it was a no-brainer to join forces. Together, we wanted to build a cutting-edge tool that delivers an extraordinary digital employee experience and unifies people across different departments, locations, and work models.

Our CEO and co-founder, John Goulding, said it best at the time of the acquisition: “Zoom’s rapid pace of innovation and the persistent dedication to building products with a human-first mindset is why we are most excited about joining the team.

“Our platform replaces outdated, clunky, internal communications tools with a vibrant, familiar social experience, and has a proven history of unparalleled levels of adoption.

“With Zoom, we can build great things together, make teamwork more meaningful, and extend collaboration beyond knowledge workers, allowing us to reach employees who have historically felt disconnected from the company.”

What to expect from Workvivo in the Zoom client 

Alongside our existing features like surveys, employee recognition, analytics, culture amplification, critical messaging, and more, here’s what our teams have been working on over the past few months.

A focal point with minimal resources required

Workvivo in the Zoom client will quickly become a clear center of gravity for you and your company.

Complex and sprawling tool stacks are all too common these days as technology becomes more and more important in the workplace. Maintaining all of these platforms is costly; it can require a whole team of people with different areas of expertise, and it adds unnecessary noise to a workplace.

In fact, according to IDC, over 80% of executives say most of their problems come from a lack of systems integrations. Implementing one multifaceted solution instead means greater return on labor costs and a better company culture, leading to higher employee satisfaction.

With Workvivo and Zoom now available together, you’ll have all of the tools your teams need in one place, giving you better oversight with a lighter lift than competitors.

An exceptional user experience

The employee experience has never been more important. It’s the key differentiator in whether people choose to stay at a company or not, and it impacts everything from customer satisfaction to company performance.

One major aspect of an employee’s experience is the quality of the tools and systems that they have access to in their job. According to HBR, the effects of “toggle tax” are widespread: the average user toggles between different apps and websites nearly 1,200 times each day. That adds up to four hours a week (or five working weeks a year), which represents 9% of a user’s annual time at work.

Now that Workvivo is available in the Zoom client, the seamless authentication between both platforms means less time switching and re-orientating between tasks, leaving more room for rewarding work that gives people that all-important sense of purpose.

Next-level employee engagement

The more complicated a tool is, the less your employees will want to use it. For that reason, a high level of complexity results in low levels of adoption and engagement – which is the opposite of what you want when you’ve invested time and money in a solution.

Workvivo going live in the Zoom desktop client is eliminating barriers to entry – and, in turn, adoption – because it makes it instantly accessible.

In a world where 40% of employees believe technology has made their tasks at work more complicated, an all-in-one solution like Workvivo and Zoom goes a long way in making their lives easier. That’s one of the reasons we have such spectacular adoption rates among our customers.

What’s next?

Starting today, we’re one platform delivering limitless human connection – no matter how or where you work.

This update is available now for customers of both Workvivo and Zoom.

Haven’t started your journey with Workvivo or Zoom yet? Reach out to our Sales team today to see how we can help you shape a truly extraordinary employee experience.