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Keyloop Unlocked the Power of Open Comms With Workvivo

Keyloop shifted to an open comms model with Workvivo and has reaped the benefits culturally and financially since.


Adoption of Workvivo among employees


Direct savings on translations and engagement tools each year

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Time saved by Comms team per week

Global supplier of digital solutions for the automotive retail industry

Keyloop is a global supplier of digital solutions for the automotive retail industry. It employs 2,600 people across its UK headquarters and offices across APAC, Spain, Italy, South Africa, the Middle East, and Canada.

As a B2B software company, Keyloop has teams working in support, product, engineering, marketing, customer success, and more.

Here, Caz Meech, Keyloop’s Head of Global Communications and Engagement, shares how Keyloop’s Workvivo platform has gone from strength to strength and transformed communication at the company since launching in February 2022.




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Keyloop before Workvivo

Before teaming up with Workvivo, Keyloop was using a number of tools to communicate and engage with staff. But Caz is a firm believer in giving every single person in a company a voice, and she knew a platform built for open comms was the best way to achieve that.

With 40-plus global offices and 26 different languages to cater to, the company’s legacy tools weren’t delivering. She says they were “completely static”.

Instead, she sought a dynamic alternative where employees “could get involved themselves and weren’t just relying on a hierarchical system of communication”.

“I’m very much a believer in that everybody can communicate, and everybody should communicate, and we have to create a platform for them to feel comfortable communicating.”

Adopting this new way of communicating at Keyloop meant shifting the company’s comms from a top-down, hierarchical model to one that reflected its appreciation for different cultures, an informal environment, and a sense of togetherness. With these as the main boxes to tick, Caz says that for her, “Workvivo was a natural choice”.

Implementing and launching Workvivo

Moving away from those legacy tools required buy-in for their replacement. Keyloop’s IT team, for example, had initial concerns about trying another platform. Caz says, “But then when we went through the implementation phase, they were like, ‘Oh, these guys have made this really easy for us.’

“All they could say were really positive things about the whole process. So while IT were initially cautious, the onboarding process was so easy that they became some of Workvivo’s biggest early adopters.”

Keyloop’s Workvivo platform was live within eight weeks. But what about the rest of Keyloop’s teams? Since the launch, almost 2,400 Keyloop employees (91%) have registered for the platform and over 80% of staff are active every month.

Caz says: “Even for people with no experience of social media, people are real converts. They might have been a bit scared at first, and then they just realized how easy it is to use.”

Commenting on the overall process of implementing Workvivo, she adds: “Honestly, it is such a pleasure working with your teams, because I’ve worked with lots of agencies externally before, and this has been by far my best experience of an agency relationship.”

Even for people with no experience of social media, people are real converts. They might have been a bit scared at first, and then they just realized how easy it is to use.

Caz Meech

Global Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement at Keyloop

Saving time and money at Keyloop

Since launching Workvivo, Keyloop has been phasing out its previous tools, saving money and creating efficiencies in the process. Caz estimates that the platform’s built-in translation tool alone had saved the organization around €20,000 in its first seven months alone.

Workvivo has also helped Keyloop reframe its approach to rewards and recognition, replacing former engagement tools with a more purposeful approach through Workvivo, saving it a total of over €50,000 per annum.

“Workvivo has made us think about how we do a rewards program differently,” Caz says. “There’s more thought put into how we recognize colleagues, and our approach has become much more purposeful.”

In terms of comms processes, Caz and her team have moved away from the traditional newsletter approach which took them five hours per week to produce and wasn’t engaging enough Keyloop employees to make it worthwhile. Now, staff updates – from news on events to critical comms – are posted on Workvivo, and Caz can see how much her colleagues engage with each one.

“What our colleagues want is the news when we get it. If people wanted to go and do a weekly look, they just scroll down the feed or go through the News section. At the end of the day, what this has enabled us to do is provide a platform for our people to access the information they want, when they want it, rather than filling their inboxes with information that isn’t relevant to them.

“Something I really like is the acknowledgment piece on news items. One day I published a news article and within five minutes 1,000 people acknowledged it. For me, that was pretty unheard of.”

Keyloop’s Workvivo platform also has a dedicated space for internal documents, such as employee benefits and policies. Keeping these in one place that can be easily accessed by every single person in the company has seen the comms team spend less time replying to HR requests via email, saving them at least four hours per week.

Overall, Workvivo has saved Keyloop’s comms team eight or nine hours – or more than one whole day – every week.

Fitting Workvivo into Keyloop’s comms strategy

Caz says that Workvivo “sits at the top” of Keyloop’s internal communications strategy “because it can drive so many things”.

“Now it’s driving our town hall meetings, it’s driving our Wellbeing Wednesdays, it’s driving internal, hybrid events that are being published on there. So for me, Workvivo is my starting point, and then everything else trickles out from that.”

Part of that strategy has been using Workvivo to track comms success. Caz’s success metrics are:

  • Is Workvivo increasing participation at town hall events?
  • Is Workvivo increasing the readership of news and information being sent out?

So far, the results speak for themselves.

  • Participation at town halls has doubled – “People can see straight away when the event is running and they can go in even if they haven’t seen it in their diary.”
  • News pieces have jumped from 28% total readership to 50% within the first five minutes of posting.

Workvivo is also how Keyloop employees learn about and participate in employee engagement surveys. Caz and her team can let them know when one is coming and when it will expire.

“What Workvivo has done crucially is increase the participation. You’re not getting a true reflection unless you’ve got greater participation. So, by doing that, we’re getting a better reflection of the feeling across the company.”

Thanks to more visible employee experience efforts on Workvivo:

  • Keyloop’s eNPS scores have risen by 16 points
  • Keyloop’s health and wellbeing score has risen by 11 points
  • Keyloop’s promoter score rose from 35% to 43% in just seven months

It’s also boosted employee engagement with Keyloop’s CSR initiatives, such as its pledge to match fund charitable donations. Colleagues can use Workvivo to share their charity-related activities and increase awareness around them, resulting in more donations.

The internal comms features Keyloop employees love

With Workvivo, Caz can rest assured that Keyloop employees “feel comfortable in their own language”. For her, the platform’s built-in translation tool was its biggest selling point. Keyloop uses this translation capability to auto-translate every new article into 26 different languages.

“A unified platform that people could use globally, Keyloop didn’t have that before. One of the major barriers was we went from regional HQs to functional HQs in the UK. There was a huge language barrier and Workvivo now removes that barrier. With the language translation feature, we can now reach them in their own language.

Unlocking open comms at Keyloop

Tom Kilroy, Keyloop’s CEO, believes that Workvivo has played a key role in the positive changes the company has seen across comms and culture.

He says: “Workvivo has been instrumental in driving our culture forwards in Keyloop. It’s living and dynamic, and gives our people access to news, updates, and even events in real time.

“It allows our people to really be themselves and to share what’s important to them. Lots of promises are made for these systems, but we’ve found that Workvivo landed easily and has been widely adopted.”

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