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How Workvivo Became the Digital Heart of TELUS International’s Hybrid Workforce

Driving company-wide conversation in an organization with over 66,000 people across 26 countries.


Of employees use Workvivo


Of employees feel connected to their organization


Of employees feel kept in the loop by leadership

Before teaming up with Workvivo, TELUS International was using multiple collaboration platforms in an attempt to bring its hybrid employees across Canada, the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia together.

Distributing media content was slow and inefficient, global teams couldn’t connect, senior leaders weren’t accessible enough, and there was little room for fun and inspiring engagement.

To turn things around, TELUS International had some key requirements when going to market for its new employee communications and engagement solution:

  • It needed to be a one-stop shop for all staff, covering both internal comms and social engagement
  • It needed to facilitate communications segmentation on multiple levels: global, regional, and individual
  • It needed to be accessible on both mobile and desktop for TELUS International’s onsite, remote, and hybrid employees
  • It needed to make integration with other apps easy
  • It needed to cater to a global workforce communicating in nine different languages

With these priorities in place, TELUS International was ready to begin its journey towards a more connected, engaged, and motivated workforce. The last piece of the puzzle was finding the best possible partner to support it. That’s why it chose Workvivo.






IT Services


Global (HQ in Canada)



Achieving real impact with Workvivo

Within just three months of launching, 70% of staff had already logged into Workvivo. The TELUS International team achieved this through ramping up internal marketing and awareness campaigns around the platform in the lead-up to its rollout.

Today, the platform has an average monthly usage rate of 79%. And achieving that adoption rate hasn’t put stress on TELUS International’s resources – quite the opposite. The company has less than one full-time equivalent IT employee supporting Workvivo for TELUS International staff, which hosts more than 75,000 people in over 25 countries.

Since introducing Workvivo, TELUS International’s employees are having a better workplace experience. Measuring the success of its internal comms through engagement scores, surveys, and data pulled from Workvivo’s analytics feature, the company has found that:

  • 87% feel connected to their organization
  • 85% feel their leadership team is responding to and communicating with them
  • 87% feel they have the appropriate tools, access, and information to do their job while working from home
  • 92% of the company’s workforce (24% of which are remote) use Workvivo across 26 countries.

Hugo said that Workvivo is the “main platform” for TELUS International employees to engage and communicate with each other. “Key events, trainings, and really anything that is tied to culture at our company is shared through Workvivo – and employee retention is directly tied to that.

Workvivo is key to such engagement drivers as ‘sense of belonging’ here and ‘I feel informed/well connected to what is happening in my company, in my country, at my site and with my team’.

Finally, it’s also responsible for an increase in ‘I feel recognised for my work here’ scores.

Workvivo has transformed the way we engage and excite our employees. It has been a vital ingredient in enhancing our employee experience and improving engagement for our business worldwide.

Raquel Bonilla

Senior Comms Manager at TELUS International

How is Workvivo serving TELUS International's hybrid employees?

Workvivo gives TELUS International employees a specific place from which they can start their day. Whether working in the office or remotely, logging on to a shared platform where they’ll find any updates, news, and company-wide conversations helps provide a great employee experience.

It also acts as a useful base portal from which they can visit the other integrated applications they need throughout the day, including customer tools that operate under Payments and Credit Card Industry (PCI) standards

Rosemary said:

“Even with PCI accounts, Workvivo content and engagement initiatives can be accessed through mobile while not working on the floor.”

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