Workplace from Meta is closing, names Workvivo by Zoom as ONLY preferred migration partner.

Build a digital workplace designed for manufacturing

Bring your deskless workforce together, promote recognition and improve productivity with Workvivo.


Push important information to frontline staff

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. Make sure your entire company – whether on the factory floor or at a desk – is the first to be notified about important updates and company news. Integrate all your favourite tech tools and house important documents in one centralized place, making it easy for employees to access them no matter where they’re working.

Create a company culture that keeps employees engaged

Manufacturing employees are extremely skilled professionals who understand the industry inside out. It’s important to keep these employees engaged with your organization. Workvivo promotes connection, recognition and fun among employees with features like Spaces, Shoutouts and Badges. We’re worked with organizations who’ve seen up to a 65% increase in staff retention after coming onboard with Workvivo.

Mobile-first experience makes information access easy

Workvivo’s mobile-first approach to internal communications means that employees can be informed and engaged without the need for a desktop or laptop. We’ve even taken it a step further, where employee are not required to have a business email address to access Workvivo.

Centralized and securely store documents

Time to say goodbye to complicated processes to access important, critical documentation. Workvivo’s document hub allows easy access to documents like company policies, payroll information or the company handbook on employees desktop or mobile device.

Workvivo features to help improve internal communications and employee engagement at your manufacturing organization

Multiple Languages

Organizations that have a presence across the world require Workvivo to cater for a variety of languages so that their employees can stay up to date regardless of their native tongue.


Reach and communicate with specific teams or demographics directly with our spaces feature.


Familiarize yourself with whats working and whats not in your organization. With our sophisticated analytics engine you’ll see statistics on engagement, retention, employee referral rates and much more.

Push Notifications Feature

Send important business updates direct to employees devices. Set a requirement that employees read and acknowledge critical updates.

Frequently asked questions

Workvivo can be used as a central hub where employees can access a full suite of HR materials i.e documents, payslips, time sheets etc. This frees up time for HR teams who are constantly dealing with documental queries via their email.


Workvivo has been right at the center for us in how we’ve shaped our culture.

Mandy McDermott

Director of Internal Communications at Kent