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Workvivo delivers unrivalled levels of employee engagement through a best-of-breed internal communications platform that strengthens the connection between an organisation's workforce and its strategic objectives and values.

Why use Workvivo?

Every customer that chooses Workvivo benefits from:

Engaging workforces through communication

The benefits of employee engagement are compelling - improved performance, boosted staff morale, higher retention rates - when you have an engaged workforce, good things happen in your organisation. Workvivo increases employee engagement by informing and empowering staff through effective internal communications, peer recognition and organisation goal and value alignment and measurement.

Strategic alignment

The more people in an organisation, the more difficult it is to keep everyone's goals aligned with strategic objectives. Workvivo overcomes this challenge by bringing the goals of the organisation to life. When communicating on Workvivo, these goals are brought front and centre - not only increasing awareness of what the goals are, but giving each staff member visibility into how what they do each day impacts the overall direction of the organisation.

Higher reach

The majority of Workvivo usage is via mobile devices, with staff checking the app many times throughout each day. Unlike traditional channels likes corporate intranets and mailing lists, with Workvivo people see relevant news, events and updates in a more organic way. With features like social engagement and push notifications - content published through Workvivo will reach much more of your internal audience.

Fully customer branded

The entire user interface of Workvivo takes on the brand identity of your organisation. From logos and imagery through to the colours used in every aspect of the user interface - everything in Workvivo can be customised to align with your brand. This strong brand alignment delivers a high sense of ownership throughout the organisation. Users of Workvivo tend to feel like they are using a product bespoke to the organisation rather than a cloud-based platform.

Enterprise-ready out-of-the-box

Our team has decades of experience building enterprise-grade platforms - meaning you can count on all of the hard stuff that is usually a bottleneck being taken into consideration. From out-of-the-box support for single sign on and automatic user provisioning from various federated identity management solutions - right through to bespoke custom integrations with legacy third-party systems - we've got you covered.

Watch Our Product Video

To learn more about how Workvivo works, watch our overview video below. When you're ready to learn more about how we can boost engagement in your organisation, reach out to us for a live demo - where we can show you exactly how Workvivo would work for you.

Workvivo Key Features

Workvivo enhances employee engagement in your organisation by providing a modern approach to internal communications that embraces the pillars of engagement. Read about some our key features below.

Activity Feed

Share updates with your team

Everything that's happening in your organisation shows up in a centralised activity feed that will feel familiar to anyone who has used a social network app before. Everything from updates to news and company events, to unique features like posts welcoming new starters who joined in the previous week show up in the feed. Employees can easily share updates about what's going on with their team or with the entire organisation.

Strategic Alignment

Goal-aligned communications

Every organisation has a purpose, as well as strategic goals that aim on delivering on that purpose. Every organisation also has core values that define its culture. Workvivo takes the everyday activity in your business and maps it to your organisation-wide and team-specific goals. This not only brings the goals alive, but also shows employees how their work is making an impact on achieving the organisation's overall objectives.

Peer Recognition

Celebrate successes together

One of the best approaches to improving overall employee engagement is to look for ways to integrate a culture of peer recognition in your organisation. Workvivo gives your staff the tools they need to give their thanks and appreciation to each other - and to entire teams - in a way that not only recognises the person who deserves it, but also has an uplifting effect on staff across the organisation.

Engagement Measurement

Surveys don't have to be boring

It's essential to measure the levels of engagement and other metrics regularly to understand what your organisation is doing right, but more importantly what needs to be improved, when it comes to keeping your workforce engaged. With Workvivo, traditional lengthy, boring, repetitive quarterly or annual surveys are replaced with frequent, short, fun and engaging pulse surveys. Workvivo includes a library of hundreds of questions across several themes, as well as the ability to define as many custom questions as you like - handy for those all-import "just-for-fun" questions!

Reporting & Analytics

Insight into the metrics that count

Every customer benefits from a suite of reporting and analytics tools that lets them delve deep into the metrics around engagement in their organisation. From social interaction metrics like views, comments and likes through to reports on the results pulse surveys, Workvivo comes with everything you need to report on how engaged your workforce really is. You can easily slice-and-dice data by fields including department, location age profile, tenure and many more. Alternatively, export the raw data to Microsoft Excel® for further custom analysis.

People Directory

Finding someone has never been so much fun

Have you ever needed to find a colleague but struggled to navigate around some text-only database in the corporate intranet or an unwieldy out-dated org chart? With Workvivo, browsing the people directory is like a breath of fresh air. Powerful search makes it easy to to find who you are looking for, and if you're not sure of the person's name simply browse to a team and look for them by scanning profile photos.

More reasons to choose Workvivo

As well as all of the great features we've already mentioned, we have a lot more important goodies under the hood.


Workvivo enables your organisation to celebrate important work milestones like anniversaries. We also automatically send an update each week allowing everyone to welcome the new starters who joined that week.

Important Alerts

Sometimes you need to reach people with an important message, and sending a company-wide email isn't going to cut it. Workvivo lets you send important ad-hoc alerts via push notifications.

Administration and Moderation

The Workvivo Admin Panel lets those users with the appropriate access manage every aspect of the platform. Although it's very rarely needed, we also provide full moderation functionality.


Virtually everything in Workvivo can be tailored to your organisation's branding - from logos and background images right down to the colours used in every aspect of the product.

Custom Domain

When you set up Workvivo, you will be up and running on yourname.workvivo.com. If you'd prefer, we fully support running on a custom domain name or subdomain of your choosing.


Workvivo only operates over HTTPS via TLS 1.2 (a strong protocol), ECDHE_RSA with P-256 (a strong key exchange), and AES_128_GCM (a strong cipher). We adhere to the highest standards of Information Security best practices.

Native Mobile Apps

Your employees can download native apps to access Workvivo on the go on their iOS or Android devices. The Workvivo app is available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Single Sign On

Support for single sign on is included out-of-the-box in Workvivo and is compatible with any SAML2-supported identity management solution, including Active Directory, Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta and many others.

Automatic User Provisioning

Large organisations have many users, and provisioning these into any system can be a pain. In Workvivo, we have a straightforward automatic user provisioning system that can import users into the system with mininal effort.

Third-Party Integrations

We have integrations baked in for products like Twitter and Slack, but with years of experience in enterprise platforms, we are 100% ready for any trickier bespoke integrations that you may need.

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