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Employee Communication

See what’s happening through the Activity Feed which allows employees from all parts of the organization to post Updates and Shout-outs

Provides a smartly designed People Directory with full team and profile information allowing employees to get to know each other quickly and easily.

Broadcast live to colleagues in teams, spaces or even the entire company with interactive chat and engagement

Host company podcasts or provide a directory of industry podcasts, with a full audio player available to employees on desktop and mobile devices

The Events feature allows you to post
upcoming organization events so your
employees don’t miss out. Attendees can RSVP to show their interest and increase event engagement.

Set up a daily or weekly email summary to drive people back to the platform and ensure users don’t miss important news.

Create and manage news articles with content such as images, videos and tables. Boost engagement when employees read, like and comment.

Send important business updates direct to employee devices. It can also be used for critical updates, e.g. office closure alerts, IT security alerts or severe weather warnings.

People with motor disabilities and visually impaired can feel more confident using Workvivo and still enjoy a great experience.

You can set up a delegate so that a colleagues can switch to your profile if needed and post on your behalf from desktop.

The ability to require that employees read and acknowledge important updates and articles.

Schedule posts on company news and updates to publish at the optimum time.

Employee Engagement

Crate groups, invite members, collaborat, post content, shout-outs and ask questions in community groups called Spaces.

Facilitate a culture of real-time and spontaneous peer recognition, creating a feel-good factor for everybody in the organization.

Bring your organizational goals and values alive and visible to employees through the Activity Feed via goal tagging in Updates, Articles, Events and Shout-outs.

Amplify specific internal content by enabling employees to share to their personal social channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Create and release awards that enable employees to nominate their colleagues and tag them against the organizational goals and values.

Keep employees in the know by celebrating special work anniversaries and automatically welcoming new joiners to the team.

Social Intranet

The App Launcher contains links to 3rd Party Systems and Documents, as well as a live stream of information appearing in the user’s activity feed.

Creativity is our game. We customize your environment to be on-brand for your complete employee experience.

We can integrate with any industry-standard identity and access management platforms to allow easy access to all features

The auto-translate functionality ensures content such as news articles and updates are also fully translated ensuring a rich experience for any language.

Create and display static content that stays available over time through a variety of different template styles for optimum viewer engagement.

Provides a rich, intuitive search facility that enables users to search for content across the Workvivo platform from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Everything is easily accessible in one place: documents, corporate resources, company tools.

Quickly gain an insight into the company’s internal structure by detailing the hierarchy,
roles and responsibilities within our Org Chart feature.

Spotlight is an easy access navigation and discovery section on mobile to content readily available at your fingertips: podcasts, news, events and collaboration spaces.

Workplace Insights

Understand your audience and engagement with impressions, reach and interaction tracking on posts, articles and events.

Collect feedback and gauge sentiment quickly and anonymously through our polls feature.

Measure and track engagement. Analytics
gives you key data on the survey results and also allows customers to monitor systems usage.

System admins and moderators have sight of all global, team and public space content. There is a Reported Post function which all users can use to flag any posts they deem to be violating the Acceptable Usage Policy.

Questions are a great way to share knowledge, collaborate with others, onboard new joiners and generate interaction on the platform.

Forge deeper connections with the colleagues you’re closest to with the ‘Following’ feature.


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