The Demand For Employee Experience 2021

17 Mar 2021

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Mandy Kennedy

Head of Learning + People Connections at Kentech Group

Gideon Pridor

CMO and Chief Storyteller, Workvivo

Hilton Barbour

Vice President of Marketing at Kognitiv Corporation

John Goulding

CEO & Co-Founder at Workvivo

In 2020 the world of work changed forever, and ever since, we’ve all been struggling with how we can make remote work…work.

If you’re a people leader, your job has never been as important and crucial as it is right now.

Probably not as complicated as well…

So we ran a big survey to HR leaders discovering how we can create a better employee experience and learn from each other.

Covering insights, benchmarks, and best practices like:

  • How companies and their HR leaders reacted to the pandemic
  • What are the key employee experience challenges we now face
  • What are the measures and choices companies are taking to adjust

Bottom line? If helping employees stay informed, engaged, and connected wherever they work from is a priority for you right now – you won’t want to miss this session.