The Employee Engagement Benchmark Report 2021

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Disconnect and burnout aren’t new to the workplace but they are more troubling than ever.

After the biggest workplace experiment in history with the world working from home, the real long-term term effects are starting to show. These problems are now impossible to ignore.

What’s more, with nearly 3 in 4 companies planning to shift to a hybrid workforce according to Gartner, remote work is now the new normal for many. 

Poor employee engagement has become the single biggest problem that forward-thinking CEOs and leaders need to address in 2021. The employee engagement playbook needs to change.

In this report you’ll Find:

  1. Fluff-less metrics. Get a clear graphical presentation of the trends impacting the workforce right now.
  2. Actionable takeaways to elevate your hybrid employee experience with input from over 1,000 employees
  3. Meaningful suggestions from people leaders across forward thinking companies like VMWare, Cubic Telecom, Workvivo, and Kognitiv

Download 24 pages of clear survey findings and actionable tips you won’t get anywhere else right now for free.

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