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Employee Experience on the Frontline - From Crisis to Opportunity

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Employee Experience on the Frontline - From Crisis to Opportunity

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June 17th 2021

While their companies were left scrambling to figure out how they could enable their workforce in the mountain of unpredictability over the past year or so. Frontline workers were left feeling distant & disconnected.

Remember, frontline workers typically have no computer or company email but they still need to be informed and feel connected. While most businesses were able to direct their employees to work from home and interact remotely, most frontline workers didn’t have these same flexible work options.

So what did the boldest, most forward-thinking companies do? They figured out a way to never waste a crisis; turning it into an opportunity to level up how they inform and engage everybody in the organization.

They realized that digitalizing their frontline workforce with an employee app at the center is now table stakes. Allowing the ability to connect and reach all staff instantly, whether they’re in the field, in the office, or at home.

The Oetker Collection, a group of luxury hotels known for their legendary European hospitality was one of these companies that digitalized their entire frontline workforce. (and just happen to be a Workvivo customer too)

Join us on June 17th as Paul von Schnurbein, Digital Transformation Officer of The Oetker Collection shares his experience and perspective on how you can simplify internal comms for companies with a frontline workforce.

Turning the crisis into an opportunity to build a greater sense of connection and belonging among staff that drives engagement and productivity.

You’ll learn:

  • Why moving beyond the age of messaging & email is critical for frontline first companies in this new era of work
  • Trends, themes, and technologies that will define the future of frontline work
  • The key things to look for when evaluating comms tech like an employee app to digitalize your frontline workforce

About the Experts

Paul von Schnurbein

Digital Transformation Officer, Oetker Collection

Gideon Pridor

Chief Marketing Officer, Workvivo

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