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3 Keys to Boosting Employee Experience, in a Digital-First Workplace

20 Jun 2021

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Simone Cuomo

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Airbnb

Sinead Rainey

Senior Workplace Experience Associate, Intercom

Gideon Pridor

CMO and Chief Storyteller, Workvivo

The future of work is here and it’s hybrid.

As the entire world is tirelessly attempting to navigate people’s return to the office while setting up a hybrid model. The way we work will require a radical overhaul to make sure we’re consciously and deliberately building social capital in the hybrid workplace. Because so far all the data is telling us that work is not working for people right now.

We now live in a world where people can leave their current company on a Friday evening, get a new laptop delivered over the weekend, and start with a new company on a Monday morning. They’re just clicking on a different Zoom link. The friction to move has been completely eroded.

Companies that don’t offer a strong positive culture and employee experience will lose out on the best talent, and will struggle to grow with high turnovers.

As employees have spent the last year feeling isolated, disconnected, and directionless at work; building a sense of belonging and commitment to the organization is now every organizational leader’s holy grail. The battle for talent will be won in the hearts of employees.

What does this mean? We need to create an engaging digital employee experience that’ll keep people excited to bring their A-Game to work everyday.

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