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Internal Comms for Scaling Tech Companies – The Ultimate Guide

16 Nov 2023

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Lisa Ardill

Content Editor at Workvivo

Early-stage tech start-ups typically don’t have to work too hard when it comes to employee engagement. The people who join these companies are often young, ambitious, and keen to be part of something important. Small teams and stripped-back resources mean that communicating with employees is organic, authentic, and easy.

You don’t need to work to promote the company culture, because those first ten, twenty, or thirty employees live and breathe it – that’s why they’re there. Plus, in smaller companies, management has a constant finger on the pulse of the organization and can step in to right the course when things start to go wrong.

But as these companies grow, something starts to happen. Without active management, the company culture can easily get lost. Communication methods that worked when you were just a single-digit team aren’t as effective as the organization scales – especially when teams are distributed.

In this guide – the ultimate handbook to help you understand communicating with staff as a scaling tech company – we’ll show you why it’s so important to invest your time and money in, and how to get it right.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Internal communications – what is it?
  • Why is internal communications so important?
  • The challenges of internal comms for scaling tech companies
  • How to nail your internal comms strategy as a scaling tech company
  • The must-haves of internal comms for scaling tech companies

And so much more!

No matter if you are an employee, a HR manager, Chief People Officer or CEO – you’ll find something valuable here.