The level playing field – Giving all employees an equal voice

November 17th 2020

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The level playing field – Giving all employees an equal voice

From the back office to the front line, Workvivo’s communication platform reaches everyone, equally.

You think you have a good understanding of the important issues for employees and what they really think about your organization. You might, but there’s only one way to find out for sure…

‘Employee Pulse Surveys’
a great way to gather quick and targeted feedback directly from your employees.

It’s time we leveled the playing field for people of differing roles, locations, cultures, and personalities. Everyone can (and should) have a voice.

In this 15-minute product spotlight, Rob Dumigan our Senior Solutions Consultant at Workvivo will show you how you can gauge employee opinion, feedback, and sentiment in real-time with Workvivo.

Not only that but you’ll walkway with 4 insider tips that we use when designing pulse survey questions with our customers.

15 Minutes – Grab a nice cuppa and listen in!

Hosted by

Robert Dumigan

Senior Solutions Consultant


15 Minutes

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