Redefining the intranet: Which intranet is right for my organization?

16 Nov 2023

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Barry Nyhan

Senior Demand Gen & Marketing Ops


If you’ve given up on your intranet completely or know it needs a rethink, then this eBook is for you. We want to reopen the debate and start a conversation about what intranets are and the value they deliver.

In the eBook we cover four key questions:
1. What is a modern intranet?
2. What ‘flavor’ of intranet is right for you?
3. Where does the intranet fit into the wider digital communications landscape?
4. How do I start to define the intranet that we actually need?

We think with the right thinking and approach it is possible to get a great intranet that is the right fit for your workforce and its needs, works with the other technologies in your digital communications landscape and redefines the intranet for the future, not the past.

We hope this eBook helps you to start that conversation that leads to the right intranet for you.