Second Wave - The Great Resignation isn't over

13 Dec 2022

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Eric Fulwiler

Founder & CEO of Rival, ex-MD of VaynerMedia

Gillian French

Employee Experience Officer

Jared Lindzon

Freelance journalist and Future of Work specialist

In early 2021, a wave of employees throughout the United States began to voluntarily leave their jobs. This trend, which saw many people reassess their lives and values during the COVID-19 pandemic, became known as ‘The Great Resignation’.

With many employees expecting a blend of home and office working as standard, and no longer feeling tied to their employer, the trend of resignations quickly became the one of the biggest challenges facing companies globally.

On Monday December 13th, we hosted a virtual panel discussion to reflect on ‘The Great Resignation’, its impact on 2021, and the challenges it poses as we head into the New Year. The panel was hosted by Workvivo’s Gillian French, and she was joined by two heavy-hitters:

– Founder and CEO of Rival and ex-MD of VaynerMedia, Eric Fulwiler
– Future of Work expert and freelance journalist, Jared Lindzon

We also released the results of an exclusive survey that took us to the coalface of the Great Resignation, provided some worrying insights for HR leaders and told us that the Great Resignation is only just beginning.

We covered:

– The Second Wave of the Great Resignation
– Exclusive data that shows that the Great Resignation is only just beginning
– Insights from a leading HR expert
– Predictions and trends from Future of Work expert Jared Lindzon

– Strategies you can apply to ensure you retain your best staff

All registrants received an exclusive copy of our eBook, titled ‘Employee Engagement: The Ultimate Guide for 2022’.