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The State of Humanity at Work Report 2021

16 Nov 2023

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Barry Nyhan

Senior Demand Gen & Marketing Ops

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Fatigue. Stress. Disengagement. Isolation. Lack of belonging. These are all words we’re starting to hear over and over again in recent months from people leaders with a distributed workforce. 

Fact is, your employee engagement playbook is obsolete ever since hybrid work has become the future of office life. 

So that leads to the question: How can we build an employee experience that fuels the organization going forward? Whether your people are working in the office, at home, the local coffee shop, wherever they work from.

We surveyed over 170 people in HR leadership roles across companies like FedEx, TEKsystems, and Unilever. With the end goal of understanding what’s missing from today’s digital workplace environment and what’s required to increase your people’s emotional commitment to your organization.

The foundations to build a new communication and culture playbook for the new wave of work can be found in this book. Take a read and build an employee experience that will get people energized and excited to come to work every day!