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Exploring the Psychology of Remote Working

20 May 2020

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Scott McInnes

Founder and Director at Inspiring Change

Gillian French

Employee Experience Officer

Pete Rawlinson

Chief Marketing Officer, Workvivo

Whole workforces have very rapidly become remote workers with little notice and no time to plan. For many businesses, there may be no going back as they and their employee experience the benefits of working from home. But is remote working for everyone?

If workplaces are becoming a thing of the past, it will change the way people work, think, lead, and communicate forever. If businesses struggle to adapt to the psychology of remote work, it can result in the loss of talent and competitive edge.


In this 40-minute virtual fireside chat, you’ll hear insights and advice on topics such as:

  • Dealing with the sudden move to remote working
  • Equipping leaders to deal with the change
  • Handling feelings of isolation, paranoia, overwork
  • Mitigating employee disengagement
  • Checking in, not checking up
  • Risks to company culture
  • The long term picture for employees and businesses

This is an open session where the panel will also be taking your questions and answering them live.