Unleash World Retrospective: Big Challenges & Positive Outlooks On The Future

24 Nov 2022

The Employee Experience Podcast Unleash World Special

Unleash World Retrospective: Big Challenges & Positive Outlooks On The Future

This is a special episode of The Employee Experience Podcast, recorded live at Unleash World – the biggest HR tech conference in Europe. 

We spoke to HR and internal communications leaders across industries and geographies to find out what’s on their minds. What we found were big challenges but also a positive outlook on the future.

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About The Employee Experience Podcast

The Employee Experience Podcast, hosted by Gillian French, is the podcast series for leaders pursuing innovative ideas to engage and connect with their employees. Listen to trailblazers across internal comms, employee engagement, and HR share the best ways to connect with employees, build healthy cultures, and deliver an employee experience where everyone can reach their potential.

Guests so far on Season 2 of The Employee Experience Podcast include:

  • Jane Datta, Chief Human Capital Officer at NASA, on employee experience, connection & leadership
  • Debra Corey, Chief ‘Pay it Forward’ Officer at DebCo HR, ‘Recognition is more important than ever for our wellbeing’
  • Hollie Delaney, (Former) Zappos CPO, on why empowered employees are engaged employees
  • Peter Cheese, CEO at CIPD, on what employees want: the changing expectations of leaders
  • Nadine Hack, CEO at beCause, on connectedness and openness: a company’s most powerful tools
  • Pat Divilly, Podcaster, Author, and Facilitator, on why overcoming emotional disconnect starts from within
  • Hamira Riaz, Executive Talent & Assessment Director at Lloyds Banking Group on people strategy 
  • Mark Miller, Vice President of High Performance Leadership at Chick-fil-A on culture 

The people behind the voices

Eleanor O'Mahony

Communications & PR Manager, Workvivo

Eleanor is Communications and PR Manager at Workvivo. Before this, she worked in PR for 150Bond, working with fast-growing startups globally to define their message and expand their brand awareness.