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👩‍💻 We craft beautiful and engaging employee communications.

We're on a mission to provide the most engaging internal communications platform in the market, one that maximises the emotional connection an employee has to their organisation and its goals.

We care most about...


We are genuinely passionate about employee engagement and helping organisations better connect their people to what the organisation is trying to achieve.


Our continuous product innovation for successful employee engagement comes from listening to our customers, constant research, and an absolute commitment to get it right.


Beautiful design is at the heart of everything we do. We carefully design experiences that put the user first, working closely with our customers to gain real-world feedback and insight.

The Workvivo Story

Workvivo was founded in early 2017 in Cork, Ireland by John Goulding and Joe Lennon. John and Joe had worked together previously at CoreHR, a leading global HCM software provider, as CEO and CTO respectively.

From their previous roles, both founders had experience of building great cloud-based software for Enterprise customers leading to hugely successful growth. Both founders also experienced the challenges this growth brings in trying to ensure employee engagement and internal communication is optimised as a company scales. Creating Workvivo was based on a desire of the founders to leverage their experience of building great software to develop a product to meet this challenge. The test for both John and Joe was to build a product they would have loved to have had available to them in their previous senior leadership roles in a growing company.

Designing the Workvivo product was based on a nice recipe for success – the domain knowledge of the founders themselves, lots and lots of research, a passion and ability to design a beautiful and engaging user experience, and the help of some incredible early customers.

After just over a year researching, building the product, assembling a great team, working with fantastic early customers Workvivo was officially launched on July 9th, 2018. The founders have enjoyed the journey to get to market and have taken great pride and satisfaction in the success of the customers that gave the company an early vote of confidence. A year after forming, Workvivo is already being used to engage employees across the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and China.

Meet The Founders

John Goulding

Chief Executive Officer

John is CEO and Co-founder of Workvivo. John holds an MBA and a Masters in Engineering Science in Nuclear Fusion Research – an obvious stepping stone for employee engagement and internal communication! John brings over 10 years of experience of working in the HCM software industry, previously holding the role of CEO of CoreHR, a global leader in the HCM Software space. John also brings 13 years of experience from Dell-EMC, where he ran the global support centres for EMC‘s Enterprise storage products. John’s favourite song is "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison.

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Joe Lennon

Chief Technology Officer

Joe is Workvivo's technical co-founder and is responsible for managing the product roadmap and the company's software engineering division. Joe is the author of "Beginning CouchDB" and "HTML5 in Action", and is an Associate Faculty Member at the Irish Management Institute. Joe's favourite song is "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest.

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Hear from some of our Team

Clara Walsh

Operations Manager

It’s a very dynamic work environment, there’s a great buzz amongst everyone working here.

Ciarán Holland

Business Development Manager

Working with customers and seeing the value that Workvivo gives them is fantastic.

Ian McCarthy

Senior Software Engineer

It's great to work on a product that our customers love - you get a real kick out of seeing the impact it has in companies.

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