6 Tips For Launching A New Digital Workplace Tool

Caitlin Kirwan

Internal Comms & Engagement Expert

26 Feb 2024

A professional man is sitting at a laptop launching a new digital workplace tool.

Launching a new digital workplace tool involves much more than a company-wide email. Here, Caitlin Kirwan shares her tips for doing it right.


Is there anything more frustrating than your new digital workplace tool failing to get the engagement or usage it deserves? After investing time and money into a new tool, it’s important to coordinate an impactful launch that builds enthusiasm and encourages adoption.

Planning a successful launch for your shiny new digital workplace tool takes thought and planning. Whether it’s a new intranet, wellbeing portal or communication platform, there are several things you can do to ensure engagement and usage post-launch.  

How we work has changed, and organizations are thinking more strategically about their digital workplace tools as remote collaboration increasingly replaces face-to-face interaction. Investing in a new tool that contributes to a modern and effective virtual workspace has loads of benefits, including:

  • More efficient practices
  • Better collaboration across all locations 
  • Reduced overhead and physical resources 
  • Improved flexibility

A study from Adobe found that 70% of Gen Z employees would even switch jobs for access to better tools that enable them to work more efficiently and productively. And with more than a quarter of the global workforce set to be made up of Gen Z employees next year, organizations need to start thinking seriously about getting the right digital tools in place.

We know that digital workplace tools are essential for an engaged and productive workforce, so what can organizations do to ensure new tools are embraced and used regularly?

This blog post shares six tips to make sure your new digital workplace tool gets the attention and engagement it deserves. Let’s jump in!

1. Warm up employees with pre-launch communications

Springing a new tool on employees, seemingly out of the blue, is risky business.

There should be a story behind every new digital workplace tool that you introduce – a reason as to why you’re making the investment and how it will positively impact employee experience.

Are you launching a new all-in-one solution, like Workvivo, that replaces numerous legacy platforms and pulls everything together in one place? Or are you introducing a new channel-based chat app that will reduce reliance on email? Perhaps you’re replacing an old project management tool with a better solution that will cut the admin burden in half.

Whatever you’re introducing, you need to warm up employees with pre-launch communications that explain the benefits and reason behind the new digital tool.    

Aim to create awareness, understanding, and intrigue before the launch takes place.  

2. Get executive allies on board

The quickest way to sink a digital transformation project is to dive into it before you have leadership and stakeholders on board. Buy-in from your senior leadership team is super important for the successful adoption of any new digital workplace tool.

Create ‘executive allies’ by getting members of the senior leadership team interested and engaged early in the process. Invite them to be part of a pilot of the new tool, and encourage them to get involved with the launch.

Providing leaders with early access before the new tool launches is a great way to get them on board. And having members of the executive team tell employees about their experience using the tool always encourages more team members to give it a go.

3. Mobilize a group of employee champions

One of my most important tips is to mobilize a group of champions to act as advocates for the new tool and help get their colleagues involved. These individuals are employees who will help build excitement among their peers and spread awareness and understanding of what’s coming.

Champions help to build trust in the new digital workplace tool, taking advantage of the powerful ‘internal influencer’ approach.

Similar to your approach with the executive team, it’s important to involve your employee champions in the development stages by providing early access, asking for feedback, and engaging them with your plans for the launch day.

Once the tool has launched, keep your champions engaged and encourage them to continue helping their colleagues adopt and understand the new tech.

4. Choose key themes for the launch campaign

When planning the communications for the launch campaign, it’s important to think about the core messaging. The key themes for your launch should always focus on the people and benefits rather than the technology behind the new tool.

Employees will always pay more attention to a message about something that is going to impact their way of working than a detailed guide on how to use the tool itself.

Of course, the user instructions and guidance notes are still important. But this type of messaging should always come after the initial communications that catch attention and introduce the benefits of your new digital workplace tool.  

5. Utilize all your communication channels

Think wisely about the different communication channels you’re going to use to launch the new tool. Are you utilizing a mix of digital and physical channels? Is your approach inclusive for remote employees who might not have regular access to a computer?

Remember that different audience groups within your workforce prefer to consume information and updates via different methods – so be sure to utilize all the communication channels at your disposal.  

Make sure you include information about the launch of the tool in your management communications and memos. Request that managers flag the launch as part of their regular team meetings or group huddles, and ask leaders to mention the tool during Town Halls.

6. Get the confetti cannons out for launch day!

With the planning and pre-launch messaging out of the way, the big day is finally here! It’s time to launch your new digital workplace tool.

You could plan an event – either in-person or online – to bring people together for them to ask questions and explore the new tool together. Why not run a competition, share some branded merchandise, or host some online activities?

But it’s important to also think beyond launch day, considering how you will keep enthusiasm high and ensure that messaging about the new tool doesn’t drop off a cliff. Plan for the weeks and months ahead while your organization will be embedding the new tech, and think about how you can work with your employee champions on an ongoing basis to run Q&A sessions and address any teething issues.

Let Workvivo help drive your digital transformation forward

Workvivo serves as the digital heart of your organization. It pulls employee communication, employee experience, and employee engagement into a single, remote-friendly platform. As you work toward a digital transformation for your business, we can lead the way.  

No single workplace tool gives everything you need to create a fully functional virtual workspace. But one tool gives you the strongest foundation: Workvivo is the hub at the center of your virtual workspace. A kind of multi-tool that provides all the core capabilities you need – and connects with all the additional tools in your virtual workspace toolkit.

Get in touch to schedule a demo and find out how we can help your organization. 

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