9 Internal Comms Campaigns To Take Inspiration From

Lisa Ardill

Content Editor at Workvivo

18 Jan 2023

Looking for new ways to engage and connect with your employees? These examples of real internal comms campaigns will help get the creative juices flowing.

Investing in internal comms campaigns is a surefire way to boost your company culture and engage your employees. But where to start?

From employee awards to video blogs, here are nine examples of successful internal comms campaigns to inspire your next move. 

1. Leadership videos at A+E Networks EMEA


Internal comms campaigns that break down the barriers between leaders and the rest of an organization are always worth investing in.


At A+E Networks, for example, managing director Dean Possenniskie posts a video update every two or three weeks that the entire company can watch.

He simply records himself on his smartphone and uploads it directly to the Workvivo app. This means employees get an accessible business update from the company leader at the touch of a button.



2. A sense of belonging at Burnetts Solicitors 

What can really make a company’s culture stand out is when it embraces people for who they are. Employees want to be able to bring their whole selves to work, and internal comms plays an important role in letting them know they can.

On Burnetts Solicitors’ Workvivo platform, for example, there’s a Space called ‘Wow’ that’s dedicated to personal achievements and milestones. It gives staff the chance to bond over their interests and celebrate each other, whether it’s new baby photos, posts about weddings, office revamp sneak peeks, or thank-you messages from clients and colleagues. 

Dedicating a space to kudos and recognition is one internal comms campaign that will make teams feel safe, comfortable, and that they belong.

3. Employee awards at Bus Éireann

Keeping with the theme of recognition, running an internal awards program brings numerous benefits. It encourages people to engage with each other and the company, it empowers employees to contribute to decisions, and it motivates team members to spread awareness of and appreciation for their work.

Workvivo allowed Bus Éireann to elevate its annual GEM Employee Awards. The Awards capability on the platform, which helps to bring organizational values to life, meant that colleagues could easily submit their nominations.

In its first year of using Workvivo, Bus Éireann received 456 nominations from staff for the Hero of the Year award alone.

4. ‘Cheers From Your Peers’ at the Digital Marketing Institute 


Recognition and rewards are a big part of the employee experience, and internal comms campaigns are your best friend here. At the Digital Marketing Institute, for example, there’s an internal campaign called ‘Cheers From Your Peers’ that encourages employees to nominate and vote for each other for monthly awards. 



This means that not only are more senior employees seeing the impact their own team is making, but gives them a window into the accomplishments of individuals in every part of the company.

The award is an opportunity for teams to thank someone for their help, whether that’s offering them a dig out, being an ear for them to bend, or giving them a boost when needed. When a colleague shares their nomination, they link it to one of the organization’s values, such as respect or collaboration. 

After each awards event, the campaign leaders post a news article to Workvivo that includes all the nominations that were sent in for that month, so even if someone wasn’t a winner this time around, they still get to read supportive comments from their peers.

The Digital Marketing Institute’s HR Director, Órla Stack, told us, “Our ‘Cheers From Your Peers’ award is a very simple yet effective way of encouraging our team to celebrate all the great things that our team members do for one another. It is a great way to demonstrate how we as a team embody our company values on a daily basis and how we support one another across the team.”

5. Company-wide celebrations at CluneTech

In the lead-up to CluneTech’s first-ever company-wide virtual Christmas party, it used Workvivo to challenge employees to make their own Waldorf star and post it to the platform.

The campaign was so successful that the Waldorf star was used as the Christmas party’s theme. “It was the first time everyone could attend and people were tuning into the live stream from their home offices with kids on their laps,” CluneTech’s Head of Employee Experience, Rachael O’Shea said.

6. Professional and personal milestones at Frauscher 

Something that often gets overlooked in internal comms and results in more silos is failing to inform everyone across the organization of role and team changes.

Sensor technology provider Frauscher adapted its internal comms strategy to overcome this. It kicked off an internal campaign called ‘Colleagues on New Tracks’ and created a Space on Workvivo for its employees to post updates about moving teams and departments internally, but also personal milestones. 


Since the space is also used internationally, it promotes networking and helps every employee to feel part of a global team.



Frauscher’s Payroll & Admin Manager Martina Hamedinger told us, “Especially in times of remote working, personal interaction with colleagues is often lacking and it might no longer be the case that one notices when a colleague is expecting a baby and is going on maternity leave.

“With this possibility to post employee news, many colleagues have the opportunity to congratulate on new positions, to wish all the best for the wedding, or to give their encouragement for the educational leave.

“New hires are introduced with a photo, so that one has an immediate picture of the new colleague and can welcome him or her warmly. In this way, contacts are quickly made. This is a simple method of spreading staff news that is accessible to all employees.”

7. Friendly competition at Keyloop

At automotive solutions company Keyloop, employees enjoy both regular and standalone internal comms campaigns.

Examples include Keyloop’s Wellbeing Wednesdays, Picnic Days, Ask Anything series, and its recent competition to come up with the name for an internal transformation piece.

“We ran the competition through Workvivo and it blew up,” the company’s Head of Global Communications and Engagement, Caz Meech, said. “People got really, really involved. Once we had all the suggestions for the new branding, we ran a poll. And then, using the poll, we picked the winner and announced it using Workvivo.”

8. Inclusion and diversity campaigns at Staffordshire


The most effective internal comms campaigns embrace open communication, and Staffordshire University is a great example. 



Embracing open communication and a platform dedicated to employee experience has made Staffordshire a more inclusive workplace.

Internal campaigns that emphasize community-based comms give every employee a voice, and those that focus on meaningful peer-to-peer connections help build a sense of authenticity and belonging.

Comms campaigns that bring leaders closer together with teams at every level of the organization have helped Staffordshire build a sense of trust. Employees feel they can bring their whole selves to work and can ask questions of leadership.

And finally, Staffordshire also hosts D&I-specific internal campaigns around Pride, Transgender Awareness Day, and more. Staff can also present themselves however they want to on Workvivo through pronoun options.

9. Woodies’ weekly blog

Iconic Irish DIY and home improvement retailer Woodie’s has 12 Great Place to Work accolades, and investing in its internal comms has made this possible. 

Every Thursday at 3pm, Woodies publishes a CEO blog that lets leadership speak directly to every employee in the company. They give a recap of the week and share important company updates. 


The company’s former CEO, Declan Ronayne, previously told us that publishing the blog on Workvivo reassured him he had a “direct line of communication to 1,400 people”.



Introducing Workvivo

An internal comms campaign doesn’t have to be an all-consuming process for your comms or HR team. An internal comms app like Workvivo can have a massive impact on campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

At Keyloop, for example, moving away from the traditional internal newsletter approach and all-staff emails around new policies and important company documents has saved the comms team eight or nine hours – or more than one whole working day – every single week.


Want to know more about internal comms campaigns with Workvivo at your side? Get in touch today!