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50 Best Internal Communication Blogs of 2021



26 Dec 2019

By Barry Nyhan. Before we get started. What are you doing Thursday, May 21st? Watch our recorded virtual event “Exploring the Psychology of Remote Working” here Ok, trust us, as a technology vendor in the internal communications space, we understand how powerful software can be in bridging the gap between dis-engaged and engaged employees. While technology is a powerful and essential enabler to effective communications, it’s important that organizations don’t use technology as a panacea to their IC challenges. When it comes to improving employee engagement there are multiple areas that need to be worked on. Whether it’s building an internal communications plan, coming up with employee engagement ideas, or anything else in between focused on the drivers of employee engagement. Luckily, you don’t have to figure things out entirely on your own. The best way to learn is from what other companies have done and what other people in roles like you are doing on a daily basis. So we pulled together a hand-picked list of experts when it comes to Internal Communications. This isn’t a fluffy list. These are the real IC professionals that we believe are at the top of their game when it comes to helping organizations reach those envious levels of engagement, and happy employees. Every listed professional shares some irresistible research and insights. So, without further delay, we’d like to introduce you to the Top 50 IC professionals who are changing the game in 2021.


The Complete List Of The Best Internal Communication Blogs


What Is All Things IC: All things IC was founded by Rachel Miller and she has been providing training, consultancy and advice services for over 20 years. The many glowing testimonials Rachel has received from businesses and individuals she has worked with should leave you in no doubt of her skills and experience in this field. Best Posts: Check out her Free Internal Comms Plan Template and her great blog post covering what internal comms is in a nutshell.


What Is The Grossman Group: The Grossman Group specializes in strategic leadership and internal communication. Their philosophy is to ensure leadership is aligned, and that internal audiences are on board and engaged. Best Posts: Check out their posts on Internal Communications Planning & Active Listening. You won’t be disappointed.


What Is Engage Employee: Engage Employee are the prime source of innovative ideas in dealing with issues, challenges , and opportunities concerning employee engagement, internal communication and their impact on performance, customer engagement and profitability. Best Posts: Check out their guide on Internal Comms trends for 2020 and Mind the engagement gap


What Is Engage For Success: Engage for Success are strong believers in employee engagement and its irrefutable benefits to individual employees, teams, departments, and organizations in general. Best Posts: Posts worth checking out are “What is Employee Engagement” and the “8 Strategies For Group Problem Solving And Creativity”


What Is The Institute of Internal Communication: The IoIC’s purpose is to help organisations and people succeed through promoting internal communication of the highest standard. Best Posts: Learn more about the difference an IC qualification makes and how to secure a seat at the table post COVID-19.


Who Are the Team: The Team is committed to helping businesses progress by developing employee engagement tools and strategies. Best Posts: Check out their posts on What’s the point of Internal Communications? and The future for Internal Communications.


Who Are Simply Communicate: Simply Communicate’s consultancy service designs, develops and implements social intranets and digital workplaces for large organizations. They also support a community for internal communications professionals with over 7,000 members. Best Posts: We highly recommend you take a look at their blog posts on Nokia’s social media driven internal communications strategy and how cultural barriers can affect internal communication.


What is Icology: ICology was founded by Chuck Gose, a highly respected and innovative thought leader in the Internal Communications space. His Podcast is often cited by people working in the industry as absolultey neccessary to doing their jobs effectively. Best Posts: As well as his podcast, you should also check out his excellent blog post on Internal Communications in the Hospitality Industry and his analysis of Southwest Airlines.


Who Are VMAGROUP: Unique on this list, they are actually a recruitment agency that specialize in recruiting communications professionals. As a result a lot of their content is on career progression, but we’ve added them to the list as they have some great resources for internal communication pro’s Best Posts: Check out their posts on how employee engagement professionals are disengaged themselves and on the internal communications showcase


Who are Davis & Co: Davis & Company are often cited as pioneers in the field and have a proven track record of helping businesses improve their employee engagement since 1984. Best Posts: We highly recommend you take a look at their blog covering all things Internal Communications. In particular their post on how to refresh organizational announcements and their effective internal/employee comms channels page.


Who Are Gatehouse: Gatehouse rightly bill themselves as the go-to internal communications agency. They work with organizations, leaders, and managers based all around the world. They have been doing so for over 10 years now and their client list certainly speaks for itself. Best Posts: You should definitely take a look at their blog posts on the past and future of internal communications and their recent partnership with McDonald’s UK.


Who Are Synergy: Synergy are a forward-thinking UK based Internal Communications business that specializes in increasing employee engagement through the entire employee occupational journey. Best Posts: Their blog post on how GDPR affects Internal Communications within businesses and their 10 best Internal Communications Case Studies are fantastic.


Who is behind Shel Holtz is a highly experienced Internal Communications professional with over 21 years in the industry. His highly rated podcast has been in production since 2005 and he is also a top-rated industry speaker, frequently speaking and presenting for some of the biggest organizations in the world. Best Posts: We also recommend you take a look at his blog posts on the one question that isn’t asked in IC surveys and how conversation is the key to forging workforce passion.


Who Are Blue Beyond Consulting: Blue Beyond are a “Woman-Owned” consulting firm founded in the San Francisco area in 2006. They are industry experts in the “People Side of Business” and their impressive client list boasts an abundance of Fortune 500 companies. Best Posts: Their blog posts on how to write effective internal emails and the 7 best practices for reaching non-wired employees are extremely informative and excellently written.


What is Domus Inc: Domus are Employee Engagement specialists with over 25 years in the industry. Their ability to provide the services of a global business with the attitude of a small agency, means they have worked with some of largest organizations in the world. Best Posts: Take a look at their blog posts on employee engagement becoming the forefront of client needs and their overview of employee engagement at Merck.


What Is Intraskope: Intraskope is a thought leadership blog on internal communications penned by Aniisu K Verghese since 2006. Begun as a platform for empowering practitioners, academicians and students alike, the blog has over 800+ posts and serves as a repository of knowledge resources with case studies, interviews and reports for those keen to get better at this critical and evolving domain. Best Posts: Check out these posts on Internal Communications role interviewing tips &  Chile Miners Rescue and Internal Communications Lessons


Who are Corporate Culture: Corporate Culture have been experts in their field since 1986 with offices in Liverpool, London and Edinburgh. They are highly respected industry experts and have worked with some of biggest companies in the UK. Best Posts: We highly recommend you check out their blog post on the power of organisational narrative and their case study on the FCC Environment.


Who Are MullenLowe salt: MullenLowe salt is a strategic communications agency specialising in purpose and sustainability for multinational organisations. They’ve been in the business for 20 years, developing purpose and sustainability strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands. A thought leader in this space, CEO and co-founder Andy Last is a published author of award-winning handbook ‘Business on a Mission’. Best Posts: Check out their blog posts on how to keep your employees engaged at work and their fantastic post on why people won’t do what you ask.


Who Are Beehive: Beehive are an energetic and purpose-driven firm known for their excellent company culture, as a result, they have been voted the best place to work by an almost countless number of publications. Best Posts: Check out their blog posts “A starring role in Internal Communications” and “The Importance of Employee Well-being in Workplace Culture”.


Who are H & H: An industry-leading internal communications and employee engagement agency based in the UK. They are well known for delivering sleek creative and strategic approaches for employee communications, engagement and change programmes around the globe. Best Posts: Check out their blog posts on how to re-energise employees and boost employee engagement and 7 internal comms best practices.

(PS we’ve got our own post on internal communications best practices that’s worth checking out)


Who are ROI: ROI specialise in bringing a community culture to companies and have been doing so for over 18 years. Their purpose-driven strategies are highly effective and as a result, their client list is made up of some of the biggest organisations on the planet. Best Posts: Take at look at their blog posts on employee engagement strategies and how to attract and retain top talent.


Who are Home: Home are an award-winning Internal Communications agency that have been improving employee engagement for over 30 years. Their client list consists of numerous global companies such as 21st Century Fox, Barclays, and Vodaphone, to name just a few. Best Posts: Check out their blog post on developing an effective employee value proposition and their analysis of the most effective internal communications channels.


Who Are Bliss: Bliss integrated are specialists in understanding client needs and as a result of this focus they have won many awards over the years for their strategic marketing and communications work. Best Posts: Take a look at their fantastic blog posts on changing employee behaviours and how to be happier at work.


Who Are Open: Open Communication are Internal Communication specialists who are passionate about increasing employee engagement. Their trophy shelf consists of awards from the IOIC and the CIPR among many others. Best Posts: Read their blogs on effective internal communication flow and why safety communication should be funny.


Who are Redefining Comms: Jenni and the team at Redefining Communications pride themselves on helping teams work better together and get along better. They work with organizations of all sizes from 6 to 80,000 employee’s Best Posts: Check out their posts on the importance of internal communication for brand identity and the importance of communication in your organization


Who Are Sequel: Sequel Group are leading industry experts in employee experience. They have worked with some of the biggest businesses on the planet such as Virgin Atlantic, Trip Advisor, and Volvo to name a few and they have received countless awards from leading industry bodies such as the IOIC and the CIPR. Best Posts: Take a look at their posts on internal and external communications and the effect of language barriers on internal comms.


Who Are Spotty Dog: Spotty Dog Communications were founded in 2010 and have won 17 industry awards for their highly respected work. Recently they were named CIPR Midlands Consultancy of the year and they have an impressive list of b2b and public sector clients. Best Posts: We recommend reading their blog posts on using video and motion graphics for effective internal communications.

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Who are Clarity: Based in Western Australia, Clarity Communications are a leading agency and have been for over 20 years. They are experts in communication strategy and reputation management and are. Best Posts: Definitely check out their blog posts on 10 ways to create a communications style that works for you and 5 tips for effective communication in the workplace.Bunch-Internal-Communications-Blog (1).svgBunch-Internal-Communications-Blog (1).svgBunch-Internal-Communications-Blog (1).svg


Who are Bunch: Bunch are an innovative Australian based agency specialising in change and transformation comms, internal comms, engagement programs, events and experiences and creative solutions. Best Posts: We highly recommend that you take a look at their blog posts on internal communications and the effect of leaders on effective transformation comms.


The-Surgery-Internal-Communications-Blog.svgWho Are Surgery: Surgery are an agency made up of some of the leading minds in the industry, mixing internal comms with design and digital. Their client list is extremely impressive, consisting of well known names such as Rolls Royce, Easyjet, Virgin Media and Penguin Books to name just a few. Best Posts: Take a look at their blog post on Welcoming a new CEO and their industry white paper on keeping employees informed.


Who Are Tribe: Tribe are an internal communications agency working with global brands to build employee engagement. They’re a quick and agile full-service shop, able to handle tight deadlines. Best Posts: Check out their fantastic blog posts on a human approach to internal communications and communicating change to employees: ask these questions.


What Is The IC Kollectif: Based in Montreal, the IC Kollectif are an Internal Communication non-profit who provide well researched, evidence-based information to the industry and are highly respected. Their content is downloaded in 165 countries around the world and they have won an international award of excellence. Best Posts: We recommend you read their blog posts on bridging the trust gap and Challenges of the UK Corporate Communications Profession.


Who Are Brilliant Ink: Brilliant Ink specialize in Internal Communications and focus on implementing strategies that translate into tangible business results and improved employee engagement. Best Posts: Have a read of their fantastic blog post “Employee Engagement or Corporate Brainwashing?” and their excellent and highly informative employee experience survey.


Who are Blue Goose: Blue Goose are an independent agency specializing in internal communications and employee engagement. They implement highly effective strategies which result in improvements to business and can help facilitate real company wide change. Best Posts: We recommend you take a look at their case studies on their work with Barclays and Sainsbury’s.


Who Are ScarlettAbbott: ScarlettAbbott are a purpose-driven agency passionate about creating working environments where employees can fully engage within the business and reach their full potential. Best Posts: Their blog posts on emojis in the workplace and using psychology in internal communications are great and definitely worth a read.


Who is behind Changing The Terms: The man behind Changing the Terms is Mike Klein, an Internal Communications specialist with over 20 years of experience. He comes from a background of political consulting and has worked with some of the worlds largest and most well known organizations, providing research based internal communications services. Best Posts: Take a look at this blog posts on why it’s so hard to get companies to spend money on internal comms and Walmart’s external communication.


Who Are Crescenzo Communications: Crescenzo Communications are a unique and innovative agency with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They are a 2 person firm, meaning they have an extremely close, dedicated and effective relationship with their clients. Best Posts: Check out their excellent blog post “Five reasons your internal surveys are generating a low response” and take their quiz to find out what is holding communicators back.


Who Are Beyond The Arc: Beyond The Arc help their clients engage employees with effective communications for key initiatives, culture change and merger integration. Best Posts: Check out their post on how employee engagement can help build brand culture


Who Are Vignette: Vignette (now part of Liquid Agency) specialize in elevating employee experience through internal brand communication. Best Posts: Worth the read are their post on the main thought leaders in internal communications and their employee engagement case study


Who Are Forty Four: Forty Four are strategic thinking problem solvers and experts in internal communications. They focus on creating engaging experiences for employees. Best Posts: Have a look at their posts on employee engagement gamification and the Sainsbury’s internal communication case study


Who are Caburn Hope: Caburn Hope are the minds behind award winning employee engagement strategies that deliver clear, targeted messaging and inspire creativity. Best Posts: We recommend their employee engagement explainer and their post on leadership skills that foster engagement.


Who Are Woodreed: Woodreed believe that clear internal communication with brand at the heart will engage employees. One of their key services is an internal communications audit that can help deliver a strategy & program of activity to increase the quality and effectiveness of your communicaiton with employees Best Posts: We liked their internal communications blueprint and their post on internal communications “glue”


Who Are Words & Pictures: Words and Pictures have won over 200 awards for internal communications excellence and they’re mantra is to help organizations communicate better. Best Posts: They’ve got a really interesting post on character communication that is well worth checking out!


What Is Two Hives: Twohives advise clients on tactics, strategies and best practices for deploying intranets, HR Portals, Enterprise Social Networks & Collaboration Platforms. Best Posts: Check out their case study on Whitbread’s approach to driving employee engagement


Who Are Inspiring Change: Inspiring Change help organizations inspire great customer experiences, by inspiring their people to change through improved employee engagement Best Posts: We liked their post on staff surveys when things AREN’T Good and how your people are your difference


Who Are The Internal Comms Team: The Internal Comms Team is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist internal communications resource and support, working with various organisations from private and public sectors. Best Posts: Check out their top tips for reviewing your internal communications strategy and the key focus areas for a Head of Internal Comms talk-social-to-me-logo.svg


 Who are Talk Social: Talk Social To Me believes that internal communication can further be improved through internal social networks that help connect employees to each other and allow them to work better together. More importantly, these internal social networks tie employees to the company vision, mission and goals Best Posts: They’ve got a great post on killing the Jargon and simplifying communication and another good one on lessons they’ve learned in employee communication


Who Are Audacity: Audacity has more than 30 years of experience in helping businesses understand the importance of cultivating internal communication, culture change, and employee engagement and its tremendous effect to their business value as a whole. Best Posts: They’ve got a few really good “overheard in the hall” posts that are well worth checking out. So there’s our list of the best internal communication blogs on the web. What are your favourite internal communication resources. Have we missed anyone in your opinion? Tweet us @workvivo with your favourites