Workplace from Meta is closing, names Workvivo by Zoom as ONLY preferred migration partner.

Putting a stop to silos and dinosaur systems at SJC

How Workvivo has proved a “tremendous success” for Canada’s largest privately owned communications company

98% +

of SJC employees have adopted Workvivo

76% +

of SJC employees access Workvivo every month


stress put on IT during rollout

Canada’s largest privately owned communications company

SJC is headquartered in Toronto and delivers marketing solutions as well as owning and publishing an iconic portfolio of media brands, such as Toronto Life, Chatelaine, and Maclean’s.

Hear from Diane Slater, Vice President of Human Resources at SJC, on the impacts Workvivo has had for the company across employee interaction and connection, simple implementation and ease of use, features like the org chart and Spaces, and more.

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The implementation was easy, the setup was easy, all of our questions after the fact were easy

Diane Slater

Vice President of Human Resources at SJC

SJC Customer Success Story

Video Transcript

We selected Workvivo as our tool at SJC because we were looking for something that was simple, easy to implement, not as complex as some of the other tools out there, and something that would also add an element of fun to our staff. Adding that social media look and feel to something that could be more typically a very boring intranet site with just documents and FAQs was very appealing to us, especially when we discovered the simplicity required in order to get it up and running off the ground. We didn’t even need IT help, except at the very end, to ensure that single sign-on was activated.

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