Employee Communications – The Ultimate Guide For 2024

16 Nov 2023

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Richard Barrett

Director of Marketing

Employee communications are critical to the success of your organization, but is your workforce using the right tools to help them stay connected? With the ultimate guide to employee communications for 2024, you can hit the ground running by applying tips and tactics to ensure you take your communications strategy to the next level.

With recent shifts in the way the world works, it’s never been more important to keep in touch with your staff – no matter where they’re based. More and more employees are spending long periods away from a centralized office, or moving to full- time, remote work.

While some of the changes we’ve seen during the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to be temporary, others look set to stay for the foreseeable future; and remote working is one such change. This alteration in the fabric of the modern workplace presents new challenges for your communications strategy to grapple with, and calls for bold, effective solutions. Many businesses spend considerable time focusing on engaging with their exterior audience but give little thought to how they can communicate effectively with their staff, yet there are plenty of benefits to mastering your employee communications.

In ‘Employee Communications – The Ultimate Guide 2024’, we’ll cover the following:

  • Employee communications defined
  • Decoding employee communications tools
  • The future of employee communications tools
  • Why old communication methods fail
  • Why an employee app is a good investment
  • How employee communications can help you beat The Great Resignation

No matter if you are an employee, a HR manager, Chief People Officer or CEO – you will find something valuable here.