Workplace from Meta is closing, names Workvivo by Zoom as ONLY preferred migration partner.

Driving digital communications and Intranet technology for ETBs

21 Jan 2021

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Robert Dumigan

Director of Solutions at Workvivo

A more connected workforce creates a better employee experience.

Workvivo is an employee communication platform. Think of it as a digital town hall or as a social network optimised for employees that brings the heartbeat, pulse and purpose of the organisation alive while keeping everybody informed.

Our social intranet is vibrant, dynamic, mobile, and integrates seamlessly with other technologies. 

We are delighted to host this webinar to showcase how a solution like Workvivo can support ETB and Educational Sector clients.

The support services of the Education Training Board are vast and span many areas: Education resources, HR & Legal Support, Training, Corporate affairs and Board of Management to name but a few.

Rob Dumigan will take 30 minutes of your time to walk through our platform and its features that will have such a powerful impact on your organisation’s culture and productivity.

What you will learn:

  • Linking to important applications
  • Providing access to forms, policies and documents
  • ETB and School-centric communities
  • Living the values of the ETB
  • Collaboration and peer to peer recognition