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Remote Working – The Ultimate Guide For 2022

16 Nov 2023

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Richard Barrett

Director of Marketing

Remote working has experienced an unprecedented boom since the pandemic, with more and more employees opting to work from home full time or under flexible, hybrid home/office arrangements.

Working remotely presents companies with many opportunities, but it also introduces challenges that most organizations had never faced before this rapid shift. Knowing how to manage a team remotely, understanding how to set boundaries, and communicating effectively are all areas that businesses are addressing with enthusiasm and ingenuity. With the aid of the right tools and the right approach, businesses can benefit from greater loyalty and staff retention, without sacrificing productivity and engagement levels in the process.

26% of employees say they intend to keep working remotely in the months and years ahead, so getting to grips with these new expectations is essential to maintaining a healthy company culture and a happy team.

In ‘Remote Working – The Ultimate Guide 2022’, we’ll cover the following:

  • Remote working defined
  • Why remote working is on the rise
  • How remote working can help
  • Solving remote work challenges for businesses
  • The future of remote work
  • How to manage a remote team
  • How to keep employees engaged while working remotely

No matter if you are an employee, HR manager, Chief People Officer, or CEO – you will find something valuable here.